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PKZ #12(f) to SMA(f), Adapter, Cal/Diag

#12 interface from TIMs to SMA for Cal & Engineering

Part Number: MBH0VH1B

Estimated Restocking Time: 4-6 weeks

PKZ #12 adapter to interface TIMs directly from the block to a SMA connector. This is required for Calibration and Diagnostics and may be useful for engineering applications.

Usable up to 20 GHz. (K connector is required for 40 GHz).

Part #DescriptionPriceQOHAvailablilityApplicationsModified
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RIK0167BBlock, 40GHz RF TIM, Cal/Diag$890
40GHz Softdock (Calibration, Diagnostics, Engineering)11/27/2019 02:24:04 PM

Contact Support for assembly instructions.