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RF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-90° MMPX(m), 16"

High Frequency Launch to DIB - 40 GHz

Part Number: RIK0181A

Estimated Restocking Time: 1-2 weeks


Preferred cable for routing 40 GHz signals from the RIK0164A TIM RF Block to the RIK0156A MMPX DIB Launch.

Requires RIK0257A MMXP Extraction tool for disconnecting cable.

Quantity Connector Type(s) Genders Angle(s)
Side A 1 PKZ #12 F
Side B 1 MMPX M 90°
Max Frequency:  40 GHz
Cable Length:  16 inches
Cable Structure:  Conformable (Limited Bend, Mid Stability)
Fixture Block Type: 

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1MLYJ7N3A1Coax Cable, #12F-mmpx Rt Angle, 16", CNF*Coax
BOM Refreshed:05/11/2020 06:23 PM