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Suggested Replacement: RIK0267B

Expiration Reason: Opto-Isolation and 15' RIFL cable included

Aditional replacements may be found by searching for RI8517A (change the REV letter) or Handler Interface Pod - Parallel.

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Handler Interface Pod - Parallel

Interface RI System with Handler or Prober in a production environment

Part Number: RI8517A

DO NOT use this for new Designs.

Suggested Replacement: RIK0267B

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Handler Interface "pod" is used to control a supported handler. This connects from the RIFL interface to a Parallel (D-SUB) port on the handler via a customer supplied cable.

This interface type is the fastest (in reaction time) and preferred method for connecting to a Handler or Prober. The custom cable can be easily completed by adding resistors or bridging the correct pins. Depending on how the handler is configured, a 10K ohm resistor should be installed between each SOT (Start Of Test) pin and pin 13 (+5V for pull up) or pin 12 (ground for pull down).

Handler POD is configured at the factory based on customer provided Handler/Prober interface documentation.

Part #DescriptionApplications
Product Catalog
MFSHLX1AHandler Cable, 14' DSUB 25pin Pigtail w/ ConnectorCreate custom cable for Parallel Handler DSUB 25

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