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Device Power (DP,VM,DB,VI,VCC) TIM

DUT power and control

Part Number: RI8546C

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The RI8546 Device Power Instrument provides precision voltage and current supply, digital pin control, and parametric DC measurement in a single instrument. Two high-current power supplies, eight mid-range power supplies, and four low current power supplies provide fast settling voltage and sense feedback for optimal performance in test applications. Eight voltage measure inputs can be configured for differential device applications or ground referenced multimeter measurements. The internal digital subsystem supports native SPI and I2C protocols in addition to static pin voltage, continuity and current monitoring.
  • DC source and measurement for device test.
  • Low speed static digital for managing test circuit configuration
  • Pulsed 3 A current source and measure
  • All dynamic features are synchronous
  • Supports multi-site test
  • 8x 250 mA 4 quadrant supplies
  • 4x 3A single quadrant pulsed supplies
  • 16 Low Speed Digital lines
  • 8 Voltage Measure Lines

Model and Name as it appears in the Tester Configuration:
• DutControl, Ri7421x Dut Control
• PowerVI, RI7431x High Current Supplies
• StaticDigital, RI74311x 16-bit Device Digital Controller

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