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Test Set and RF Measure, 2 Port, 6/12 GHz TIM

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Part Number: RI8567B

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12 GHz Measurement TIM
The RI8567B 12 GHz Measurement Test Instrument Module combines a dual port microwave test set, and a complex receiver in a single TIM. An additional Auxiliary port is provided for extended low frequency (down to 100 kHz) measurement using the same complex receiver.
An onboard Local Oscillator eliminates the need for any external signal generators.
The built in two port test set provides connectivity to any Cassini based RF or microwave source (up to 12 GHz) via test head fixture interconnection.
The test set’s 100μS switching speed combined with the single channel coherent receiver architecture provides the ability to make high speed multiple port measurements using a single TIM. The dual port capability can be extended to multiple additional ports using an appropriate fixture based multiplexor allowing multiple high port count devices can be tested using a single RI8567B without considerable test time tradeoff. The RI8567B is available on all Roos Instrument Cassini Testers.

Key Specifications
100MHz to 12GHz Measurement Range (Ports 1 and 2)
100kHz to 4.4GHz Measurement Range (Aux Input)
+30dBm Maximum input power (1 Watt)
Minimum Detectable Signal -115dBm < 4.4GHz, -100dBm > 4.4GHz

TIM Level Performance Data

Port 1 and 2 Specifications
Minimum RF Frequency 100MHz
Maximum RF Frequency 12GHz
Frequency Accuracy Same as system timebase*
Minimum Detectable Signal -115dBm typical < 4.4GHz
-100dBm typical >4.4GHz
Maximum Power (CW) + 30 dBm
Maximum Power(Modulation) +30dBm Peak
Switching Time 100μs Typical
Measurement Bandwidth 7kHz or 4MHz (selectable)

Auxiliary Input Specifications
Minimum RF Frequency 100kHz
Maximum RF Frequency 4.4GHz
Frequency Accuracy Same as system timebase*
Minimum Detectable Signal -115dBm typical
Maximum Power CW +20dBm
Maximum Power Modulation +20dBm Peak
Measurement Bandwidth 7kHz or 4MHz (selectable)
* All time bases for system components are synchronized. Internal time base accuracy is 1
ppm variation from 10 to 30 degrees C and 5 ppm absolute accuracy.

Mechanical Specifications
Single TIM Unit
Weight: 8lb.
TIM Block Type: 16 Coax
TIM Blindmate Contact Force: 15lb.

Note: When paired with a 6GHz Source TIM (RI8508), this TestSet be calibrated to 6GHz in the field. Factory calibrations are valid to 12GHz.