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Phase Noise Measure, 16 GHz TIM

Part Number: RI8575A

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The RI8575A Phase Noise Measure instrument provides the industry’s first direct phase noise measurement capability designed for production test of microwave VCOs and oscillators. It provides all of the resources for biasing and phase-locking a device, evaluating Kv, linearity, FM sideband performance, and phase noise.
  • Input frequency range: 1 - 16 GHz
  • Phase noise measure from 50 kHz to 2 MHz
  • FM sideband measure
  • Phase detector with built-in reference oscillator for
  • VCO lock to test system
  • Parametric supply/measure for tune voltage and current
  • Linearity and Kv measure with 16-bit frequency counter

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RI8575A, 1 GHz to 16 GHz Cassini Phase Noise TIM Operation