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Power Amplifier, 0.7-6 GHz, 20W Max TIM

RF Power Source

Part Number: RI8595B

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Key Specifications
  • 0.7-6 GHz Power Amplifier
  • 20 Watt Maximum

High Power TIM
The RI8595B provides calibrated power amplifier for high power DUTs. This is a perfect fit for testing high power DUTs.

TIM Level Performance Data
The RI8595B Test Instrument Module (TIM) provides high power output from 700 MHz to 6.0 GHz. P1dB typically exceeds 10 watts with maximum output power typically 20 watts. Calibrated output power provides +/-1 dB power accuracy.

Output Drive Requirements
No RF: Can terminate with Infinity:1 VSWR (Open Circuit)
RF Applied: Must terminate with VSWR better than 4:1
Frequency Range: 700 MHz to 6.0 GHz

Output, typical
P1dB 10 Watts (40 dBm)
Maximum Output 20 Watts (44.7 dBm)
Third Order Intercept, typical 48 dBm
Gain, typical 42 dB
Calibrated Power Accuracy, typical ±1 dB (with properly calibrated Roos Source)
VSWR, typical
Input 2:1
Output 2:1

Mechanical Specifications
Single TIM Unit
Power Consumption: <100 Watts
TIM Block Type: RF Block (16 Coax)