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Cassini System Controller, Linux

Cassini 16 with USB RIFL TIM

Part Number: RI8608A

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Cassini 16 System Controller with Linux and ArcaOS Container with RI System Software including Guru.

When used with a RI8586 Cassini 16 Infrastructure, a USB EPC Remote TIM must be installed in the EPC TIM T-location (T-0) located on the Infrastructure.

RI8583A - Production Arm with Touch Screen Monitor, keyboard and mouse.

RI8596A - Desktop (development) Monitor and keyboard, mouse. Aux rack can be used as a desk, otherwise customer must provide work surface for Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse.

Note: Offline development can also be done with RIK0126A Virtual Workstation and eCS license.

When a Guru Server is present, System Controller can be replaced in the field and all information restored automatically with minimal administration intervention (just network settings and customization).

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