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Cassini System Controller, Windows

US ITAR Security Compatible, Win10+

Part Number: RI8609A

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Cassini 16 System Controller with Windows 10+ OS with native windows Guru Applications and Cassini application in Oracle VirtualBox container.

When upgrading the RI8586 Cassini 16 Infrastructure, a USB EPC Remote TIM must be installed in the EPC TIM T-location (T-0) located on the Infrastructure.

RI8583A - Production Arm with Touch Screen Monitor, keyboard and mouse.

RI8596A - Desktop (development) Monitor, keyboard and mouse. Customer must provide work surface for Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse or use RI8575B Custom Aux rack.

Note: Offline development can also be done with RIK0126A Virtual Workstation and OS license.

When a Guru Server is present, System Controller can be replaced in the field and all information restored automatically with minimal administration intervention (network settings and OS customization).

Customer must supply an appropriate version of Microsoft Windows+ license and installation package.