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Fixture, Bench-Top 20RF, Active Carrier

"Soft Dock" RI7100A Fixtures

Part Number: RIK0081A

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Allows Benchtop Calibration and DIB debug with any Top Plate and only required hardware (unbundled)

Kit includes the following:
  • Bulkhead SMA connectors
  • EZ Hook DC cables
  • Pogo Pins and Receptacles
  • Pogo Alignment Tool
  • Fixture Top Plate
  • Fixture Carrier
  • Side Covers
  • 1/4" hole covers caps
Note: Full assembly is required.

Contact Support for assembly instructions.
Item Ref Part Number QTY Description Category Qty in Stock
1M673SZ1A31SCREW, FLAT PHIL, 4-40 X 1/4", SS, BLK OX, W/NYLOCKHrdwr
2M6J2JS1A16SCREW, SEMS, 4-40 X 1/4" SSHrdwr
5M7VBFN2A2Jumper Wire Set 8" (10pcs.) 28AWGCblMsc
6M8MBX01A10Coax,Confrm,.085, 90° SMAM-SMAF Bulkhead, 9.0"Coax
7M8UKXC2A2Cable Assy Ribbon 40cond 6"Rbbn
8M9PLE91A2Cable Assy Ribbon 40cond 18inRbbn
9MBPYNY1A10Hole Plug, finishing, 1/4" nickle pltd steelMchCmp
10MC8X3J1A2Jumper Wire Set 12" (10 pcs.) 28AWGCblMsc
11MEJFZB4E1VI harness 16", 10 pin, active*CblMsc
12MER2651A1Fixture, Top Plate Multi w/ 20 SMA*MscAssy
13RIK0083A1Pogo Alignment Tool, 20RF*CstmrKt
14W1MFCNYA2side bench multi fix*MchFb
15Y00065A11Super Fixture Carrier, Active*PcbAssy
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