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Roos Instruments Test Seconds (45 Million)


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Roos Instruments has developed a method for acquiring test capacity which does not require purchasing or leasing capital equipment. RI Tester Seconds (RITS) provides customers with a fixed number of tester seconds on state-of-the-art RI testers at a fixed cost and guaranteed up time.

There are several major advantages to RI customers under this program:

    1. The RITS customer does not acquire or lease any hardware.

    2. The RITS customer's test cost exposure can be limited to what is supported by existing or pending contracts.

    3. The RITS customer's capacity is adjusted on quarterly or annual basis.

    4. There is no fixed cost associated with expanding test capacity.

    5. There is no expense related to contracting test capacity.

    6. Test cost is related directly to what is being shipped, there are no capital depreciation or lease expenses.

    7. The RITS customer is freed from managing upgrades, spares, repairs and software licenses.

Here is how it works:

The RITS customer purchases blocks of tester time targeted for use over a given period of time. Payment is made up front initially. RI provides testers as needed to meet capacity requirements and up time targets. RI retains full ownership of the testers and is therefore responsible for:

    - maintaining working testers including managing spares, and response time.

    - maintaining the appropriate software release level on all testers

    - providing testers which are configured correctly for the devices to be tested.

The RITS customer is required to do the following:

    - purchase a minimum number of seconds per tester platform required.

    - provide monthly capacity requirement updates for ongoing RITS management.

    - provide access to RI service engineers or their representatives as need to perform routine maintenance and calibrations.

    - grant RI the discretion to upgrade or swap out testers as needed in order to best meet up time and functional test requirements.

Given that support costs associated with RITS are somewhat leveragable, RI is able to offer RITS discounts for larger RITS orders placed and paid for at one time. This provides a built in learning curve to the pricing plan for high volume users.

Some support items are not included with RITS including, Engineering Technical Support (ETS) and On-Site Maintenance (OSR). Other support items are not needed under this plan such as; Software Updates (SU), Hardware Repair (HRP), and Module Exchange (ME). It should be made clear, that under this plan RI maintains full ownership of all tester hardware and software provided. This is not a lease or a purchase program, and therefore there are no fixed expenses.