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Standard Support Package, 1 Yr (W+S)

Provides Technical & Repair Support (TSR), Software Subscription (SU) and Factory Replacement Parts (FRP) for a single CASSINI system

Part Number: W+S

Estimated Restocking Time: Contact Factory

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Provides Extended Warranty (W) and Software Subscription(S) for the CASSINI ATE infrastructure. Technical Support is accessible via phone, email, online and remote assistance. Software Updates are done via Guru and may require an active internet connection.

Extended Warranty
Extended Warranty provides phone, web, e-mail, and remote support for technical issues relating to hardware repair and calibrations. Technical support for using and repairing the ATE and the system software in a production test environment, assistance in directing how to clean and maintain sockets and fixtures, data collection, handler and wafer probe interfaces. It covers the labor and cost of the parts needed to complete the repair. Shipping is never included, FOB Santa Clara insured for replacement value. Does NOT include costs for replacing RI designed accessories like Fixtures or RI Kits. Limited to one (1) Step Attenuator per ATE per year. All Technical support options include access to RI's on-line knowledge base accessed from www.roos.com. Full user access provides 24 hour access to Roos Instruments’ Internet Site for documentation, software patch information, calibration routines, user tips, application descriptions, service notes, plus other valuable FAQ to help maximize system performance. E-mail Support via [email protected] provides 24 hour access to RI technical support personnel via email and for bug fixes and software updates.

In production environments, spare TIMs are highly recommended to minimize downtime. Use the Spare TIM Loaner (L), Exchange (E), or Upgrade(U) support options to mitigate on-site spare requirements. On Site PMC (O), where available, can be purchased to provide on-site staff during normal business hours (8x5).

Software Subscription
Software Subscription enables all licensed seats (ATE, Virtual Workstation, Guru Server) access to the continual enhancement of Cassini update streams (patches) including but not limited to firmware updates, new and improved measurement buttons, calibration and error adapter techniques, data viewers & worksheets, calibration, verification & diagnostic test plans, user interface functions, and editing tools. Software Updates are released electronically as needed and/or as requested by the user. Software Subscription is priced according to the number of systems and virtual workstations installed company wide. Email "[email protected]" with feature and customization requests.