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These items will not be restocked when depleted and should be avoided for new designs. Use Replacement for new designs. Subject to change without notice.

Part # Description Limited Availability Reason Replaced By
EEngineering Technical Support (50 Hrs) Equivalent service, alternate Product IDSupport Plans
FIXTUREFixture - the Custom Testhead
RI7260ASource 1/2 combiner module, Aux2 in, Dual 6GHz AmpsUpdated specsRI7260D
RI7260BSource 1/2 combiner module, Aux2 in, Dual 6GHz AmpsUpdated specsRI7260D
RI7260DSource 1/2 combiner module, Aux2 in, Dual 6GHz AmpsUpgrade to CassiniNo Replacement Planned
RI7261ASource 1/2 combiner module, Aux2 in, No AmpsUpgrade to CassiniNo Replacement Planned
RI7269ASrc 1/2 Combiner, Aux2 in, Dual 6GHz Amps, 3db PadUpgrade to CassiniNo Replacement Planned
RI7323ARF Measure - 20 GHz ReceiverSource parts no longer available, move to Cassini16 platform ASAPRI8528B
RI7725ASource - 20 GHz Microwave Signal GeneratorComponent updates, no performance changesRI7725B
RI7725BSource - 20 GHz Microwave Signal GeneratorComponent updates, no performance changesRI7725C
RI7725CSource - 20 GHz Microwave Signal GeneratorExtended Freq Range to 24 GHz, +30 dB Power (shifted dynamic range), Faster set and settle times, improved reliabilty (fewer components), AUX Rack no longer needed.RI8586A
RI8001AHigh Power X Band Amplifier ModuleUse Remote TIM, External Rack PANo Replacement Planned
RI8002ARF Pulse ProfilingAdded to TestSet TIM modelRI8565A
RI8502AGPIB Instrument Pod I/0 (RIFL II)revised to B to add opto isolationRI8502B
RI8502BGPIB Instrument Pod I/0 (RIFL II) IsolatedOpto-Isolation and 15' RIFL cable includedRIK0264A
RI8502B0GPIB Instrument Pod I/0 (RIFL II) IsolatedOpto-Isolation and 15' RIFL cable includedRIK0264A
RI8508A6 GHz Digitally Modulated Signal Generator TIM Improved specificationsRI8508B
RI8508B6 GHz Digitally Modulated Signal Generator TIM Improved SpecificationsRI8508C
RI8516BHandler Interface Pod - Serial with Opto-IsolationOpto-Isolation and 15' RIFL cable includedRIK0266A
RI8517AHandler Interface Pod - ParallelOpto-Isolation and 15' RIFL cable includedRIK0267B
RI8521ATime Domain Measurement (Waveform)Improved SpecificationsRI8572A
RI8521BTime Domain Measurement (Waveform)Improved SpecificationsRI8572A
RI8521CTime Domain Measurement (Waveform)Improved FunctionalityRI8572A
RI8528ARF Measure - 20 GHz ReceiverImproved FunctionalityRI8528B
RI8528BRF Measure - 20 GHz ReceiverImproved FunctionalityRI8528B
RI8535AFSPU Digital TIM (40/80/120)Model numbering change to represent number of pinsRI8535B-40,RI8535B-80,RI8535B-120
RI8535B-120120 Pin FSPU Digital TIMNever orderedRI8535B
RI8535B-2020 Pin FSPU Digital TIMNo longer offering 20 pin versionRI8535B-40
RI8535B-4040 Pin FSPU Digital TIMConsistent with Model Number in PARTSRI8535B1
RI8535B-8080 Pin FSPU Digital TIMAssume 80 pin in base model (otherwise, specify -40 or -120)RI8535B
RI8535B080 Pin FSPU Digital TIMNo changes made, model number clarification. When nothing is specified, assume 80 min (Dpins1-4)RI8535B
RI8535B440 Pin FSPU Digital TIMModel number change.RI8535B-40
RI8536ASmCassini Src Amp Atten
RI8536A0Source: Amp AttenuatorUpgrade to Cassini 16RI8577A
RI8542ALow Phase Noise Source and Measure, 6 GHzSplit into two TIMsRI8555A,RI8528B
RI8545ATestset - 4 ports, 12 GHz Test HeadExtended to 20 GHzRI8545B
RI8545BTestset - 4 ports, 20 GHz Test HeadNew one is thinner, allowing adjacent T-Location to be used.RI8545C
RI8546ADevice Power Module (DP,VM,DB,VI,VCC)Improved reliabilityRI8546B
RI8546BDevice Power Module (DP,VM,DB,VI,VCC)Improved performance and reliabilityRI8546C
RI8547ATestset - 2 Port, 6 GHz Test HeadExtended to 20 GHzRI8546B
RI8549ATesthead 8 Slot RI7100CNever releasedNo Replacement Planned
RI8551AEPC (Embedded PC), Controller for Cassini Sm/LgSm/Lg Cassini no longer offeredSupport Plans
RI8552AHandler Interface Pod - GPIBOpto-Isolation circuit addedRI8552A
RI8552BHandler Interface Pod - GPIB (Isolated)Opto-Isolation and 15' RIFL cable includedRIK0263A
RI8552B0Handler Interface Pod - GPIB (Isolated)Opto-Isolation and 15' RIFL cable includedRIK0263A
RI8553ARF Measure - 20 GHz Receiver (& RecLO)RI8528B & RI7725CRI8528B & RI7725C
RI8554ASource - 20 GHz Source with Amp AttenuatorSee Cassini 16 with AUX RackNo Replacement Planned
RI8555ASource - 6 GHz Source with Amp AttenuatorImproved functionalityRI8508C
RI8556BInfrastructure - Small CassiniRI8591A
RI8557AInfrastructure - Large CassiniSpecial Order Only
RI8560ACassini Dual Source/Amp CombinerNever BuiltRI8577A
RI8561AVideo Analyzer
RI8562AI/Q Source Amp Combiner
RI8563ATestset - 2 Port 1-Path, 20-40 GHz Extended Freq Range to 4-40.5 GHz RI8563C
RI8563BTestset - 2 Port 1-Path, 4-40.5 GHz RI8563B
RI8563CTest Set - 4-40.5 GHz, 2 Ports 1 Path TIMMoved the RF amp from before the switch to after, so the amp only drives the doubler. Changed the cal factors and process so linearity is now absolute. This results in better source accuracy.RI8564D
RI8564ATestset - 1 Port, 77 GHz Test HeadRI8564B
RI8564BTestset - 1 Port, 75-81 GHz WR-12 TIMInternal switch components upgradedRI8564C
RI8564CTestset - 1 Port, 71-86 GHz WR-12 TIMDual mmWave PortsRI8604A
RI8565ATestset - 4 Ports, 20 GHz with PulseNever built
RI8566A4 Source Combiner with Source - 20 GHz
RI8567ATestset and RF Measure - 2 Port, 6 GHz TIMUp to 12 GHzRI8567B
RI8568AInfrastructure - Cassini 16RI8568B
RI8568BInfrastructure - Cassini 16New Test Head "Rev C" Rotation LockRI8568C
RI8569ARolling Workstation Cart
RI8570AEPC, Windows for DUT ControlNot suitable for ATENo Replacement Planned
RI8571ATesthead 16 Slot SAC16Included with RI8564 Infrastructure Cassini 16RI8564A
RI8572ATime Domain Measurement (HP Waveform)Added LNCRI8594B
RI8573ATest Set - 1 Port, 50-58 GHz WR-15 TIMNever builtRI8580A
RI8574ACassini System Controller, ArcaOS EPC TIMLinux OS and USB RIFL with Cassin in ContainerRI8608A
RI8576AAuxiliary Instrument Rack - OLD Short (Custom)Reduced LengthRI8576B
RI8578ADigital Advanced PinsNever BuiltRI8535B
RI8579AGPIB Prober CardAdded built-in Ground Isolation circuitRI8579B
RI8579BGPIB Prober POD, IsolatedOpto-Isolation and 15' RIFL cable includedRIK0265A
RI8581ARF Measure - 20 GHz Receiver TIM, non-DSP (Req.LO)Improved DSP functionalityRI8587A
RI8582ATestset - 2 Port 1-Path, 4-40.5 GHz, w/ NFNo longer offering Noise FigureRI8563C
RI8585ATime Domain Meas. (Hi Perf Waveform) + Low Noise ClkRI8594A
RI8587ARF Measure - 20 GHz Receiver w/ DSP TIM (Req. LO)Internal LO, 24 GHz Range, Faster with larger DACsRI8596
RI8588ATest Set - 1 Port, 68-76 GHz WR-12 TIMFreq range covered by 2 newer TIMs, never builtRI8580B,RI8560A
RI8589AHigh Power Supply/Pulser TIMThe 'C' upgrades include instrument protection and better accuracy at high voltages and the addition of an 'HV4' negative supply aimed at GAN devices.RI8589C
RI8589A5High Power Supply/Pulser TIMThe 'C' upgrades include better accuracy at high voltages and the addition of an 'HV4' negative supply aimed at GAN devices.RI8589C
RI8589BHigh Power Supply/Pulser TIMThe 'C' upgrades include better accuracy at high voltages and the addition of an 'HV4' negative supply aimed at GAN devices.RI8589C
RI8590AGround Isolator for Handler PodsAll PODs now have Opto-Isolation built-in and 15' RIFL cable included with RIKRIK0266A,RIK0267A,RIK0263A
RI8591AInfrastructure - Cassini SPYDER, 16 TIM SlotsNew designRI8606A
RI8592APower Amplifier TIM, 0.7-2.7GHz, 16W Nominaladded capabilityRI8595A
RI8593AEPC, Cassini Spyder Controller TIMNever builtRI8608A
RI8594ATime Domain Meas. (HP Waveform) + Low Noise ClkImproved Phase Noise Specs on "Ultra" Low Noise ClockRI8594B
RI8595APower Amplifier TIM, 0.7-2.7 GHz, 30W NominalRev B provides higher frequency range at a cost of lower max powerRI8595B
RI8601ASource, 71-86GHz Mixer (IF required), WR12
RI8602ARF Measure, 71-86GHz Mixer (IF required), WR12Single to Dual mmWave portsRI8604
RI8605ASource Switch 2x8, 20 GHz TIMApplication SpecificNo Replacement Planned
RIK0001ARF Cable Kit (12" SSISM to MCX 90, 6 Cables)RI7100 bottom plate no longer being builtRIK0183A
RIK0001BRF Cable Kit (12" SSIS(M) to MCX 90, 6 cables) -> use 80BRI7100 bottom plate no longer being builtRIK0080B
RIK0002AWF Cable, Flex, DIN(f)-90° MCX(m), 12" (qty 5)Improved FunctionalityRIK0113A
RIK0003AFixture Bottom Assy for GEN I and GEN IIRI7100 Bottom plate no longer being builtNo Replacement Planned
RIK0004ATest Fixture Bottom AssemblyRedesignRIK0004B
RIK0004BTest Fixture Bottom AssemblyRI7100 bottom plate no longer being builtNo Replacement Planned
RIK0005ARF Cable, Conform, 90° MCX(f)-90° MCX(f), 7" (qty 5)Improved FunctionalityRIK0194A
RIK0006ASwitch 2.5 GHz Dual SPDT (2 ea)Revised switch deviceRIK0006B
RIK0006B2.5 GHz RF Switch Modules Dual SPDT (2 ea)Revised switch deviceRIK0026B
RIK0007ADC Jumper Wires, 28AWG, 4"+8" (qty 20+20)Split into individual sizesRIK0190A,RIK0191A
RIK0008AAdapter, SMA(f)-MCX(f) (qty 5)RIK0280A
RIK0010AFixture Top Plate, oldRI7100 not supportedNo replacement planned
RIK0011AUniversal Fixture Top PlateRedesignRIK0011B
RIK0011BUniversal Test Fixture - RI7100RedesignRIK0011C
RIK0011CUniversal Test Top PlateRI7100 Not SupportedRIK0061A
RIK0012ATest Fixture Top Plate Assembly 12RFRedesignRIK0074B
RIK0012BRI7100A 12 RF Fixture Top PlateMatrix launches are customer specific locations.RIK0163A
RIK0013APassive Carrier Assembly, RI7100ANo longer assembledRIK0200A
RIK0013BCarrier, Passive w/o harness, RI7100A, 12 RF Top
RIK0014AActive Carrier Assembly Kit (1 Carrier)Carrier Upgraded Not Used since 2003RIK0084A
RIK0014BCarrier, Active (4VB), RI7100A, 12 RF Top7100 parts no longer available.No Replacement Planned
RIK0015ADifferential I/O Module Kit (1 Module)Improved Functionality, DC Offset, High Bandwidth
RIK0016ARI7100A On-site Service Parts KitRI7100A Limited AvailablitilyNo Replacement Planned
RIK0017AHigh Speed Serial Digital Module Kit (1 Module)Replaced by Cassini TIM (no longer available for RI7100A)RI8535A
RIK0018ATest Fixture Engineering Plate - RI7100 RI7100 Not SupportedNo Replacement Planned
RIK0021AFixture Ramps (Gen I cam assembly), 1 pair Old generation docking, no longer supported.RIK0020A
RIK0022ARI7100A Cal Kit **Obsolete**Never SoldRIK0023A
RIK0023ARI7100A Calibration KitRI7100A is Limited AvailabilityRIK0149A
RIK0024ARI7100A CAM Assembly (1 Assembly)RI7100A LImited AvailabilityNo Replacement Planned
RIK0025ADaymarc 717 Docking HardwareNone
RIK0026B6 GHz RF Switch Modules Dual SPDT (2 ea)Improved FunctionalityRIK0058B
RIK0027ARF Cable Kit (SSIS to SMA, 7", 5 Cables)Extended length to 11"RIK0247A
RIK0028ACalibration DUT Boards, 12 Port RI7100A Fixture
RIK0029AFixture, Dual Site 12 RFRevised KitRIK0029B
RIK0029BFixture, Dual Site 12 RF
RIK0030ACarrier board Pogo alignment tool - RI7100AImproved Functionality
RIK0031ACalibration Boards, Multi-site Fixture
RIK0032ARI7100A Diagnostic kitLimited AvailabilityNo Replacement Planned
RIK0033ARF Cable Kit (11" SSIS(M) to SMA, 5 Cables)Repackaged as QTY 1RIK0247A
RIK0033BRF Cable Kit (11" SSISM-SMAM, 5 Cables)Unbundled to be sold individuallyRIK0247A
RIK0034ARF Application Kit (LNA, Mixer, IQ Mod & Demod)No longer needed for trainingNo Replacement Planned
RIK0035AFixture Top Plate, 12 RFs (DELTA)
RIK0036ARI Signal Generator, 20 GHzLimited Availablity. Best Effort Factory Repair only.RI7725C
RIK0037AAdvanced Training per PersonContact [email protected] to request trainingNo RIK
RIK0038ACassini Diagnostic Training Class per PersonContact [email protected] to request trainingNo RIK
RIK0039AHigh Voltage Buffer Module (1 Module)FET Pulser TIM extends and replaces functionalityRI8589A
RIK0039BHigh Voltage Buffer Module (1 Module)Fet Pulser provides calibrated high voltage supply and measureRI8595A
RIK0040ATest System Training Class (6 students)Online learning has replaced in-person learningRIK0040B
RIK0041ARepair Support via Phone/Email/Web, 1 yr (PSR)Included with standard Cassini Support PackageSupport Plans
RIK0041BRI7100A Technical and Repair Support, 1 yr (TRS)
RIK0042ARI7100A Standard Support Package, 1 yr (PTS,ME,SU)No Longer offering Software Updates to RI7100ASupport Plans
RIK0042BPTS moved to RIK0062ANew Support Packages AvailableRIK0062A
RIK0042CMTS moved to RIK0060AProduct Number change to be consistant with backward compatibility rulesRIK0060A
RIK0044AFast Ship Module Exchange, 1 year (ME)See "TIM Loaner" programsNo Replacement Planned
RIK0045ARI7100A Factory Replacement Parts, 1 yr (FRP)
RIK0046ARI7100A Hardware Repair Labor, 1 EventSupport Contract Required.RIK0047A
RIK0049ADelay Line Discriminator ModuleReplaced by Cassini TIMRI8575A
RIK0050ASoftware Subscription, 1 Year (SU)No new software updates for th RI7100A
RIK0051ARF Cable, Conform, SMA(m)-SMA(m), 11" (qty 5)Reduced kit to QTY 1 for easier implementationsRIK0284A
RIK0052ARF Cable Kit (3.4" SSIS(M) to SMA(F) 6 cables)Moved to RIK0248ARIK0248A
RIK0053AFixture Cbits Controller (2 Modules)Feature ImprovementsRIK0053B
RIK0053BFixture Cbits Controller (1 Module)Improved FunctionalityRIK0290B
RIK0054ADivider 3 GHz/ SPDT switch module(1 Module)
RIK0054BDivider 3 GHz/ SPDT Switch (1 Module)Discontinued, no replacements planned.
RIK0055ASPDT High Pass Filter (1 Module)Improved Functionality
RIK0056ASwitch 6 GHz Dual SP4T (1 Module)
RIK0056BSwitch 6 GHz Dual SP4T (1 Module)Improved PerformanceRIK0218A
RIK0058ASwitch 6 GHz Dual SPDT (2 Modules)RIK QTY 1 partRIK0058B
RIK0058BSwitch 6 GHz Dual SPDT (1 Module)Higher TOIP, RIFL Controlled (Faster)RIK0220A
RIK0059AModule, Step Attenuator + LNA, 2.5 GHzRI7100A Limites Support, Improved Functionality, requires RIFL carrierRIK0254A,RIK0255A
RIK0060AMaintenance Technical Support, 1 Year (MTS)Included with standard Cassini Support PackageSupport Plans
RIK0061AFixture, RI7100A Universal SoftdockRI7100 bottom plates no longer being made, see CassiniNo Replacement Planned
RIK0062AProduction Technical Support, 1 Year (PTS)Included with standard Cassini Support PackageSupport Plans
RIK0063AEngineering Tech. Support Upgrade, 50 Hrs (ETS)Optional Cassini Support PackageSupport Plans
RIK0063BEngineering Technical Support, 50 hrs (ETS)
RIK0064AInternational Support Upgrade, 1 YearSupport Plan
RIK0065AStandard Single Site DUT Board DesignNo longer offering DIB Design services
RIK0066ADut Boards, custom loadingDUT board assembly no longer offeredNo Replacement Planned
RIK0067ADut Boards, unpopulated (fab)
RIK0069ARI Small Handler Dock (Single Site)Standard Docking InterfaceRIK0070A
RIK0072ARF Cable, Flex, 90° MCX(f)-SMA(m), 5" (qty 6)New Vendor, equivalent cablesRIK0072A
RIK0074AFixture, 20 RF (use 74B)Revised partRIK0074B
RIK0074BFixture, 20RFRIK0074C
RIK0074CFixture, 20RFRI7100A has limited support
RIK0075AFixture, Bench-Top Single Site
RIK0076AFixture Fixed Price Repair
RIK0076AFixture Fixed Price Repair
RIK0077AHigh BW Diff. I/O Buffer ModuleImproved FeaturesRIK0087A
RIK0077BDual Fixture Diff Amp, HS, w/o Comm Mode Cont.RIK087A
RIK0078ADual Monitor System Controller
RIK0079ADual Boot Laptop
RIK0080ARF Cable Kit (15" SSISM to MCX, 6 Cables)Unbundled, Use 6x RIK0183ARIK0183A
RIK0080BRF Cable Kit (15" SSISM to MCX 90°, 6 Cables)RIK0183A (QTY 1)
RIK0081AFixture, Bench-Top 20RF, Active CarrierRI7100A Limited Support
RIK0083APogo Alignment Tool, 20RFImproved Functionality
RIK0084ACarrier, Active (65A), 20 RF Top PlateRIFL Carrier control modules at full speed and can support up to 13 Modules.RIK0200A
RIK0085A20 RF Test Fixture Top Plate (Replacement)No Replacement Planned
RIK0086ADelta M1688 Allignment PinsAlignment Pins suitable for any hanlder, prefer using fixed docking screws instead.No Replacement Planned
RIK0088AFixture MUX, 1x32, 2x16 (1 Module)Improved FunctionalityRIK0294A
RIK0089ASwitch, 1x8 Terminated (1 Module)
RIK0091AFixture, Pedestal Support 30RF
RIK0091BFixture, Pedestal Support 30RF
RIK0091BFixture, Pedestal Support 30RFRI7100A Limited SupportRIK0241A
RIK0091CFixture, Pedestal Support 30RF with Pogo ToolImproved FunctionalityNone
RIK0093AFixture Small 12 Coax DUT Clamps, Single SiteImproved FunctionalityRIK0260B
RIK0094AFixture Large 30 Coax DUT Clamps, Dual SiteImproved FunctionalityRIK0163A
RIK0095AAC Switch Matrix 8x24
RIK0095BAC Switch Matrix 8x24Improved FunctionalityRIK0294A
RIK0096AFixture, Cassini 8-Port, 20/30RFSplit into separate RIKs for easy customization. 10/30RF Top Plate never made into a RIK.RIK0101A,RIK0102A,RIK0143B,RIK0159A,RIK0177A,RIK0200A,RIK202A
RIK0097ACassini Infrastructure Spare Parts (LG & SM)Large and Small Cassini Infrastructure is limited supply. See Cassini 16 Infrastructure.No Replacement Planned
RIK0098A8 TIM Cassini Calibration KitSeparated into a Diag Interface Plate (Cal Fixture) and Cal Kit InstrumentsRIK0149A,RIK0130A
RIK0100ARF Cable Kit (12" #12F-MCXM, 6 cables)Unbundled, use QTY 6 of RIK0246ARIK0246A
RIK0100BRF Cable, Flex, PKZ#12(f)-MCX(m), 12" (qty 6)QTY 1RIK0172A
RIK0101ARF Cable Kit (18" #12F-MCXM, 6 cables)Supplier change, different look and part numberRIK0101A
RIK0101BRF Cable Kit (18" #12F-MCXM, 6 cables)RIK0196ARIK0196A
RIK0102ARF Cable, Semi-Rigid, PKZ#12(f)-PKZ#12(f), 4" (qty 2)Cassin 8 limited availaility.Cassini16
RIK0103AUse RIK0168A - Cassini RF Block Assembly 8RFRIK0168A
RIK0103BUse RIK0168A - Cassini RF Block Assembly 16RFBlock Design ChangeRIK0168A
RIK0103CUse RIK0168A - Cassini RF Block Assembly 16RFBlock Design ChangeRIK0168A
RIK0104AFixture, Cassini 8 Port EngineeringAssemble with RIKsNo Replacement Planned
RIK0105AHigh Pass Filter (1 Module)No Replacement Planned
RIK0107ARI7100A Basic Support Package (SU, ME, FRP)No Longer offering Software Updates to RI7100ASupport Plans
RIK0108ARI7100A Silver Support Package (SU, ME, FRP, TRS)No Longer offering Software Updates to RI7100ASupport Plans
RIK0109ARI7100A Gold Support (SU, ME, FRP, TRS, ETS)No Longer offering Software Updates or Engineering Support for RI7100ASupport Plans
RIK0111ALoad (DUT) Board Evaulation and RepairNo longer providing PCB service and supportNo Replacement Planned
RIK0114AFixture Top Plate, Dual Insert with Dut ClampsRI7100A Top Plate will no longer be builtNo Replacement Planned
RIK0115AMatrix Fixture Insert, single pogo insert, 12 pinUse 16Pin instead, RIK135RIK0135A
RIK0116AMatrix Fixture Insert, DC, Rail dual, 2x12 pinCenter Rail (RIK0261A) now supports standard offsetting inserts. RIK 135RIK0135A,RIK0261A
RIK0120AMatrix Fixture, Top Plate Assy w/ Carrier & SidesBroken up into separate kits to allow more flexibility and simplify configuration process.RIK0160A,RIK0120B,RIK159A,RIK0153B
RIK0120BMatrix Fixture, Top PlateQuickLock version fully backward compatible.RIK0214A
RIK0121AMatrix Fixture, RI7100 Bottom Plate AssemblyRI7100 Not SupportedNo Replacement Planned
RIK0122AUse 145A - Matrix Fixture, Small Cassini Bottom Plate
RIK0123AMatrix Fixture, Single DUT Clamp & Support KitQuickLock improves DIB exchange time and reliability. 8-screw variant is useful for designs with SMA Launch.RIK0259A,RIK0239A
RIK0124CPower Cord, NEMA BS546, CHINACustom Plug must be installed by customerRIK0124F
RIK0124DPower Cord, NEMA CEE7-7, EUROPECustom Plug must be installed by customerRIK0124F
RIK0124EPower Cord, NEMA SI32, ISRAELImproved FunctionalitySupport Plans
RIK0125ACassini Installation & Calibration
RIK0127AHigh Speed Digital Scan Module KitTIM provides better performanceRI8535A
RIK0130ACassini 8-Slot Interface KitNo systems with 8 Testhead slots are in serviceRIK0151B
RIK0132ACoax Driver Buffer ModuleNo Replacement Planned
RIK0133AMatrix Fixture, 16 TIM Bottom Plate Assy. KitSplit into multiple kits, RIK0178A, RIK0187B, 4x RIK0143B, 8x RIK0158ARIK0178A,RIK0187B,RIK0143B,RIK0158A
RIK0134AMatrix Fixture, Top Plate Assembly Quad Site (w/Sides)Broken up into separate kits to allow more flexibility and simplify configuration process.RIK0214A,RIK0153B
RIK0134BFixture Top Plate, Matrix Quad SiteUse standard Matrix Top PlatesRIK0214A
RIK0135AMatrix DC Insert, 16 pinAdded Shroud to prevent shortsRIK0135B
RIK0135BMatrix DC Insert, 16 pin, with ShroudRaised pins 0.002 inches to make better contact with Prober (still works with DIBs too)RIK0135C
RIK0136AMatrix Fixture Insert, Rail Dual DC Pogo, 2x16pinImproved FunctionalityRIK0135A
RIK0142ABlock, Digital TIM, 120 Pins with CablesMake available when 120 Pin TIM is shippedRIK0141A
RIK0143AUse RIK0168A - RF Block Assembly 16RF (Fixed)Part design does not work for PKZ special (temporary) connectorsRIK0168A
RIK0143BUse RI0K168A - RF Block Assem 16RF, Fixed Cabling - CassiniDesign ChangesRIK0168A
RIK0145AMatrix Fixture, Cassini 8 TIM Bottom Plate Assembly
RIK0147AModule, Digital 40 Pogo PinsBetter Performance, TIM scales better, SCAN supportRI8535B
RIK0151ACassini 16-Slot Interface KitImproved FunctionalityRIK0151B
RIK0151BCassini 16-Slot Diag/Cal Interface KitEach TIM Configuration requires a custom Diag Kit, ask support for the Company Name and configuration type to get the correct model number.Custom,contact factory.
RIK0152AFixture Top Plate, Matrix Quad, Intest CompatibleRev B
RIK0153AMatrix Top Plate Assembly Cassini 16 (w/ sides & carrier) - EXPIREDSplit into multiple kits, Use RIK0160A (Carrier), RIK0134B (Top Plates) and RIK0153B (Cassini 16 sides)RIK0153B,RIK0134B,RIK0160A
RIK0154ARF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-90° MMPX(m) ,16" (qty 5)Unpacked to QTY 1RIK0181A
RIK0155ARF Cable Kit (14" #12F-MMPX, Flex, Rt Angle 2 Cables)Unpacked to QTY 1RIK0181A
RIK0155BRF Cable Kit (16" #12F-MMPX, Flex, 90° 2 Cables)Reduced to QTY 1, Same exact cableRIK0181A
RIK0158ARF Cable Kit (#12F - #12F 8" Conformable, 6 Pieces)Insulated, split into QTY 1RIK0169B
RIK0159AMatrix Fixture, Sides 8 Slot / 7100Ri7100 Limited Support, Cassini is availableRIK0333A
RIK0160ACarrier, Active (6KA), 13 Modules, MatrixImproved FunctionalityRIK0200A
RIK0161ABlock, RF Assembly 16RF with 4 Cables - CassiniReplacement works for both types (locked and unlocked-special) of PKZ cableRIK0168A
RIK0162AUSE 178A++ - Cassini 16-Slot Diagnostic/Interface PlateRIK0178A
RIK0166ABlock, FIX Pwr, Cbits and Serial Number (2 rows)Use rev B (3 rows)RIK0166B
RIK0167ABlock, 40GHz RF TIM, Cal/DiagAdded hardware to provide strain relief and reduce load on 9mm connectorsRIK0167B
RIK0169ARF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-PKZ#12(f), 8"Rev B cable is now insulated (rev A was not)RIK0169B
RIK0170ARF Cable (Coax,Confrm,#12F special-SMAM,8") QTY 1Duplicate P/N with RIK0179A
RIK0174AFixture SN Chip with Harness (2ea.)300A replaces RIK0199B with longer cables and qty 1 RIK0300A
RIK0175ACarrier, RIFL (B7A), 5 Modules + FIX BlockLonger Carrier harness, extended from 12" to 18"RIK0175B
RIK0176AFixture Bottom Plate, RI7100, Basic AssemblyRI7100A in limited availability.RIK0177A
RIK0177AFixture Bottom Plate, Cassini 8 slot, Basic Assembly Cassini 8 Limited Availablility, not compatible with SpyderRIK0178A
RIK0178AFixture Bottom Plate, Cassini 16 slot, Basic Assembly Improved ridgitity provides better platform for holding preceise calibration equipment for mmWave equipment.RIK0178B
RIK0180ARF Cable, Flex, PKZ#12(f)-MCX(m), 18"18" cables shown to have repeatability issues, 20" cables made from different vendor without any issuesRIK0298A
RIK0182AFixture Side Covers ( Panels / Plates ) for 12 RF size Top plateRI7100 No Longer SupportedNo Replacement Planned
RIK0182BFixture Side Covers ( Panels / Plates ) for 12 RF size Top plateImproved FunctionalityRIK0302A
RIK0186ARI7100A, Fixture VI Harness, 16"RI7100A Limited Availability, use Cassini FIX Block instead.RIK0166B
RIK0187AFixture Power & Control Cassini 12"wires lemgthenedRIK0187B
RIK0188AFixture Harness 40 cond 18" 2ea. for RI7100ACassini replaced RI7100ARIK0166B
RIK0198ABlock, Waveguide mmWave MountRIK0198B includes Waveguide.RIK0198B
RIK0199AFixture SN Chip (ESN) with 4-wire Harness (2 ea)QTY 1 - current ESN component (100% compatible)RIK0300A
RIK0199BSN Chip Wire Length Adjustable 4 Wire Compatible part, QTY 1RIK0300A
RIK0201ABlock, FIX to RIFL Carrier, 13 ModulesExtended length of Power Cable to 16"RIK0201B
RIK0203ADual SP4T RF Switch DC - 20GHz (Single Module)RIK0203BRIK0203B
RIK0213AQuickLock, DUT Clamp, Seiko/EpsonHad to rev for inventory control compliance reasons. Rev C is identical to Rev A.RIK0213C
RIK0213BQuickLock, DUT Clamp, Seiko/Epson, 8 screw8 holeRIK0259A
RIK0213CQuickLock, DUT Clamp, Seiko/Epson8 screw holes, 4 minimumRIK0259A
RIK0214AQuickLock Top Plate, Matrix FixtureMinor changes to top labelingRIK0214B
RIK0215AQuickLock, Pedestal SupportSeiko Epson and Pin Aligned compatible handlersRIK0239A
RIK0217AMatrix Fixture Insert, 20 GHz SSMP (Fixture Side)Added spring for better blind mate connectionsRIK0217B
RIK0217BMatrix Fixture Insert, 20 GHz SSMP (Fixture Side)Improved FunctionalityRIK0217C
RIK0237ARF Cable, Semi-Rigid, PKZ#12(f)-K(m), 2"Semi-Rigit too hard to bend, switched to conformableRIK0237B
RIK0257AMMPX Connector Extraction Tool
RIK0260AQuickLock, Dual DUT Support, Seiko/Epson, 4 screwImproved FunctionalityRIK0260B
RIK0267AParallel Handler POD + 15' RIFL CablePlaceholder. No rev A was made/shipped.RIK0267B
RIK0283AAdapter, WR-12 WG to RR-12 LaunchImproved FunctionalityRIK0283B
RIK0283BAdapter, WR-12 WG to RR-12 Launch
RIK0290AC-Bits Fixture PodImproved PodRIK0290B
RIK0293ABlock, 80 GHz Dual RR-12 E BandNew RR12 revB design introducedRIK0293A
RIK0293BBlock, 80 GHz Dual RR-12 E BandImproved Functionality (moved isolation ring) - all field models retrofittedRIK0319A
RIK0296AEngage Digital Insert, Engage, 20 pin, Coax RibbonBundled with blockRIK0344A
RIK0308AEngage DC Insert, 16 pin w/ PCB ribbonImproved 2x5 Ribbon headersRIK0309B
RIK0309AEngage DC Insert, 16 pin w/ PCB ribbon longerRIK0309B
RIK0314AOpen Fixture, Tall DIB Dock Engage + SidesImproved FunctionalityRIK0360A