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Matrix Carrier, RIFL (6KB), 13 Modules

13 RIFL Modules, Matrix Top Plate

Part Number: RIK0200A

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DO NOT use this for new Designs.

This "RIFL Smart Carrier", can be used on Cassini systems only. RI7100A can not support smart modules on this carrier, use RIK0160A. Can hold up to 13 Fixture Modules.

Provides mechanical mounting and control for up to 13 Fixture Modules and provides Fixture ESN chip (Serial Number), 8 Control Bits (cbits), static DC power (+28V, +15V, +5V, -5V, -15V) and 52 pins across two AUX Headers with shorted jumpers useful for splitting DC resources (one with 6 pins, five with 4 pins).

Up to 4x Faster than standard "Active Carriers" found on RI7100A, because each module is controlled directly via RIFL instead of c-bits.

See Instructions for use.

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Product Docs
Fixture Assembly Steps - Using ID or Serial Number (ESN) Chip with Fixture or DIB

Connect DIB ESN (Serial Number) to these pins.

Power levels available: +28V, +15V, +5V, -5V, -15V

Configure in the Device Connection Editor

In the New Fixture dialog, choose Fixture Class Selection = "Cassini Matrix Fixture" and choose Interface = Y0006KB1 or Y0006KA2 depending on the label on the carrier board.

Product Docs
Fixture Assembly Steps - Using ID or Serial Number (ESN) Chip with Fixture or DIB

When writing to a Smart Carrier module control line the format is of S#10X1
S = S, # = Module number being written to, X = 1, X, or 0.
Bit position = S# DS1 DS2 DS3 DS4

Ex. The string S6XX01 would drive DS3 low ( 0.0V ) and DS4 high (3.8V) on the fixture module placed at the physical location of M6 on the smart carrier.

2. When writing to a standard Cbit ( found on the fixture carrier board ) the format is of CXY
C = C, X = control bit used, Y = 1 or 0.

Ex . C20 Sets the standard Cbit#2 low. To combine this with a Smart Carrier control string, add it to the front of the overall string. The string C20S6XX01 sets standard Cbit#2 low, sets DS3 low, and sets DS4 high on the fixture module found at M6.

Coding Requirements:

Matrix Smart Carrier
Switch Code

Foot Notes:
  1. Not all modules will work in the M11-M13 positions of the Matrix fixture carrier. Refer to the factory for specific information requests.
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