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Cassini Modular Automated Test Equipment

Modular ATE

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Engineer Mark Roos founded Roos Instruments with one vision: a high-performance, efficient design for Automated Test Equipment (ATE).  The test instruments available then did not have high-frequency measurement capabilities, so the need for a new platform allowed Roos and his team to rethink how an ATE system could work.  They found that the way to make a tester more intuitive and efficient was to pare each instrument down to its essentials.  One principle became central to the work of each engineer: minimalist design.  As inessential components were subtracted, the ones that remained were more focused, and the resulting synergy between hardware and software made for a more intuitive work flow.  The end result was an ATE system with industry-leading speed, ease of use, and accuracy in a full range of applications from DC to 81GHz.

Cassini is the culmination of years of research and refinement: the next step in the evolution of ATE.  It features an expanded set of capabilities while still keeping to a minimalist design.  The result is a more flexible infrastructure which supports a wider range of RF, mixed-signal, and millimeter-wave applications.  Cassini and its software work in concert, which helps create complex test plans without increasing complexity of use.

Cassini Modular ATE by RI
Cassini 16
A Complete High Speed Automated
and Integrated Test Solution for:
A major breakthrough in ATE architecture
  • Cassini test systems consist of an extremely simple base system providing computer, power, software and docking capabilities.
  • Additional test capability needed for virtually any type of IC, Wafer, or Module can be configured via Tester Instrument Modules (TIMS) that plug into the Test Head plate.
  • Each TIM contains its own cooling, signal distribution and blind mate interface suited to its application.
  • The result is the ability to configure a Cassini for any application with almost no system overhead. This is equally true for low pin count as well as high pin count test requirements
Operational Efficiency

Removing base system overhead creates a feature rich modular environment tailored to the needs of your current production environment.

Cost per TIM is on par with benchtop equipment allowing product engineers and operations managers to meet cost per device tested targets in multiple or single site test scenarios.

Cassini can be easily updated and reconfigured in the field by swapping out or adding additional TIMs.

TIMs simplify spares planning (simply replace the TIM) which reduces Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) to minutes. Enabling, for the first time, Five 9s availability for ATE.

Infrastructure Options
CASSINI Infrastructures enable 16 Test Instrument Modules along with an Auxiliary rack for standard rack mount instruments. They vary in how many Infrastructure Source slots and TIM slots are available. Each size includes a manipulator arm to interface the Fixture with a handler, a handler interface pod, and a system controller with human interface devices (mouse, keyboard, monitor). Images are not to scale.
Cassini 16Spyder

Test Instrument Modules (TIMs) - Popular
Multiple TIMs can be configured per tester for maximum flexibility.
Device Power Module TIM
  • DC source and measurement for device test.
  • Low speed static digital for managing test circuit configuration
  • Pulsed 3 A current source and measure
  • All dynamic features are synchronous
  • Supports multi-site test
  • 8x 250 mA 4 quadrant supplies
  • 4x 3A single quadrant pulsed supplies
  • 16 Low Speed Digital lines
  • 8 Voltage Measure Lines

High Speed Digital Module
  • 40 - 960 Pins (40-120 Pins per TIM)
  • 100 MHz Clock and Data
  • Synchronous Mixed Signal Performance
  • Configurable for Data, CPU, Scan, Signal, Serial and Parallel
  • Full Parametrics
Vector Rate
Data Formats (NRZ)100k to 100M vector per second
Clock Formats (ZS)100 MHz max
Vector Depth
Scan (std)
Scan (opt)
128 Mbits ( shared by bank of 20 pins )
1024 Mbits ( shared by bank of 20 pins )
512 kbits
16M vectors per pin
Pin edge timing
Rise/fall time
Min pulse width
Edge resolution
Edge sets

750 ps
2 ns
5 ns
20 ps
32 per bank of 20 pins
200 ps rms

Waveform Instrument TIM
  • CW/Modulated IF signal source/measure
  • Complex time domain waveform capture and analysis
  • Modulation source
  • Precision baseband signal source and measure
  • 2x 16 bit, 100 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Source
  • 100 MHz Low Noise Clock Source
  • Dual 14 Bit, 80 Msps Digitizer
  • Rise/Fall, Duty Cycle Events Counter

Phase Noise Measure TIM
  • Input frequency range: 1 - 16 GHz
  • Phase noise measure from 50 kHz to 2 MHz
  • FM sideband measure
  • Phase detector with built-in reference oscillator for
  • VCO lock to test system
  • Parametric supply/measure for tune voltage and current
  • Linearity and Kv measure with 16-bit frequency counter

20 GHz Test Set TIM
  • Provides a fully calibrated microwave path between the DUT board and the tester.
  • Allows extension to multiple port structures via additional fixture.
  • 4 Full Performance RF Ports with
  • Full Vector Measurement up to 20 GHz
  • Supports External Synthesizer
  • Supports External Digital Modulated Synthesizer
  • Supports External Receiver

5-40 GHz Test Set TIM
  • Provides a fully calibrated microwave path between the DUT board and the tester.
  • Allows extension to multiple port structures via additional fixture.
  • 2 Full Performance RF Ports with
  • Full Vector Measurement from 5 to 40 GHz

60 GHz Test Set TIM
  • Source and Measure for WiGig, WiHD, Wireless USB
  • 2 Full Performance RF Ports with
  • Full Vector Measurement from 55 to 65 GHz

75-81 GHz Test Set TIM
  • Source and Measure for Automotive Radar sensor IC's in wafer, package or module test
  • 2 Full Performance RF Ports with
  • Full Vector Measurement from 75 to 81 GHz

Custom TIM - Cutting Edge Technology
Please contact RI for information on custom TIMs.
  • YOUR Cutting edge technology integrated with ATE capabilities

  • Multiple TIMs can be configured per tester for maximum flexibility

    Support packages are sold in annual contracts (1 year term) assigned to individual systems, to individual sites or to worldwide locations of a company. Discounts are based on the number of systems covered at a particular site and how many years of coverage are ordered.

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