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Handler Cable, 14' DSUB 25pin Pigtail w/ Connector

Create custom cable for Parallel Handler DSUB 25, Handler POD

Part Number: MFSHLX1A

Estimated Restocking Time: Contact Factory

Use this to create custom Parallel Handler POD cables. D-SUB Female to pigtails with D-SUB Female connector assembly. Solder wires, 10k resistors (not provided), to the appropriate SOT, BIN# pins on the handler. Use the Manufacturer provided documentation to design a cable assembly. The Handler POD can be programmed to work with any combination of +/- voltage and control pins.

For use with RIK0267A (aka RI8517A.)

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Product Docs
Handler Cable 25 Pin D-SUB Color Code (Part MFSHLX1A)

Contact Support for assembly instructions.