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Online Cassini Basic Training


Part Number: RIK0040B


Registration for one person at Cassini Online Basic Training at https://learn.roos.com/courses/basic.

For new users of the Cassini ATE System, the course provides students with the information necessary to create, debug, and maintain test programs. Fundamental production test techniques for DC, digital, mixed signal and microwave Devices Under Test.

Virtual Machine use limited to training class exercises and will not be available after the end of the class.

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Download syllabus from https://learn.roos.com

Self-Paced Training Schedule

Start at any time and we will coordinate a set of live meetings based on your daily time commitment (for normal working days, holidays excluded).  We will reach out to you once the "Preparation Survey" is complete.

Daily Time CommitmentMeeting Schedule
8 hoursBi-weekly
4 hours*Weekly
2 hoursEvery Other Week
UnknownAs Needed
*Typical Schedule for Most Students