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To calibrate a Cassini, you must use a custom Diagnostic Kit (8-Slot or 16-Slot) custom for each Cassini configuration and Calibration Standards Kit (18 GHz, 20 GHz, 40 GHz, 77 GHz). The Diag Kit is included with delivery of a new Cassini system. A Cal Kit must include the following: Digital Multi-Meter (DMM) and Power Meter and Sensor, S-Parameter OSL Standards, Noise standard, Cables, and additional RF Adapters and Attenuators. 77 GHz Cal Kit add-on includes Power Meter and Sensor and Waveguide standards.

The Calibration kit needs to be calibrated itself regularly to
NIST standards. The customer is responsible for setting the duration of the calibration interval and maintaining documentation. Roos Instruments recommends that the Power Meter/Sensor and DMM to be calibrated every 12 months, and the Noise standard and S-Parameter OSL standards to be calibrated every 24 months. RI offers Cal Kit service as RIK0082A for 20 GHz Cal Kits and RIK0245A for 40 GH Cal Kits. RI typically issues a NIST traceable calibration certificate only when a preventive maintenance and calibration (PMC) is performed. A calibration is performed when a TIM is repaired or replaced, but a certificate is not always issued.

DescriptionCal Kit
Product Catalog
Calibration Standards Kit, Cassini 18 GHzRIK0149A
Product Catalog
Calibration Standards Kit, Cassini 40 GHzRIK0150A

Each RI Cal Kit requires annual calibrations. If available, you can use a calibration lab at your facility or one in your local area. If not, some of the components may have to be sent to the manufacturer for calibration. Below is a listing of the Cal Kit components, Vendor Addresses and Web Sites.

CalKit Definition

See Product DocsUpdating Coefficients of Standards used in a Cal Kit Definition on Cassini for detailed procedures.

The cal factors are stored in Guru as an "RiCalibrationKit" object class. If the cal kit was purchased, a RI USB stick with a '.gzp' file containing the new coefficients are included with the kit. Be sure the new coefficients are imported with "Guru Browser" prior to using the Cal Kit.

Cal Kit Naming Convention: The RiCalKit Guru object has a Name that includes underscores "_" between the customer site name (RI), the last valid cal date in YYYY-MM-DD notation (2020-01-14), the serial numbers of the Noise Source (NS-#####) serial number of OSL Box (OSL-######). "RI_2020-01-14_NS-12345_OSL-54321" Before calibration, check that today is before the date and the serial numbers match, if not, the Cal Kit object needs to be modified (see instructions linked above).

Periodically, the cal kit coefficients may need to be changed. To change the coefficients of a cal kit, use the following procedure:

From the Tester Configuration window select Instrument > Calibration > Inspect. Only two contain entries that may change, "ENR" for NoiseSource, "Open" for the OSL. Change by double clicking the value on the right pane. After selecting another entry, press OK to save changes. Double-click the appropriate element. NOTE: Noise entries default to linear, always switch to log by selecting lin button. (see images below). After all changes have been completed, select the Cal Kit entry in the Tester Configuration window, select Instrument > Calibration > Save to commit changes to Guru.

Note: The lin/log button shows the current format, not the new desired format. When displaying in linear format, the button shows 'lin'. Clicking on the button changes to log format, and the button changes to 'log'.

Cal Kit Vendor Information: Please refer to the website for a vendor representative in your area.
Power Meter & Sensor
Gigatronics Inc.
4650 Norris Canyon Rd.
San Ramon,
CA 94583-1320 USA
Fluke Corporation
6920 Seaway Blvd.
WA 98203 USA
S Parameters
Anritsu Company
490 Jarvis Dr.
Morgan Hill,
CA 95037-2809 USA
Noise Source
E. 64 Midland Ave.
NJ 07652 USA

Calibration Form

Fill in appropriate values for these entries each time the the RI Cal Kit is calibrated. Keep a copy of this form

with the Cal Kit. Email this information to "[email protected]".
    Cal Kit Serial #_________________
Model Number
Serial Number
Cal Date
Next Cal Due
DC Standard:
RF Power Meter:
RF Power Sensor:
Noise Source:

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