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18 GHz Calibration Standards Kit

Requires 7100 Cal Fixture or Cassini 16 Interface kit (RIK0151A)

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The Calibration Kit (Cal Kit) is used while calibrating an RI test system to frequencies of 18 GHz or less. It includes a Power Meter and Sensor, Digital volt meter, S Parameter Standards, Noise standard, Cables, RF Adapters, RF Attenuators. The diagnostic interface kit is sold separately.

IMPORTANT: Cal Kit is supplemented by required items in the Diagnostic Kit which is custom to a specific Cassini configuration.

This Cal kit can be replaced to support TIMs to 40 GHz, or extended to support up to 50 GHz, 50-75 GHz, 70-87 GHz or shipped as a 12 GHz Cal Kit without a LNA*.

The instruments in the Calibration kit need to be calibrated bi-annually to NIST standards. RI offers RIK0082A Cal Kit Service for 18 GHz Cal kits.

Roos Instruments recommended calibration of the Cal Kits is required every 2 years. However, the Power Meter, Power Sensor and DMM can be (optionally) done with a 1 year calibration cycle.

RI usually only issues a NIST traceable calibration certificate only when a preventive maintenance and calibration (PMC) is performed. A calibration is performed when a major physical instrument is repaired or replaced, but a certificate is not issued.

Product Catalog
149ACalibration Standards Kit, Cassini 18 GHz
Product Catalog
150ACalibration Standards Kit, Cassini 40 GHz
Product Catalog
151ACassini 16-Slot Diagnostic Kit

Each RI Cal Kit requires annual calibrations for most instruments. If available, you can use a calibration lab at your facility or one in your local area. If not, some of the components may have to be sent to the manufacturer for calibration. Below is a listing of the Cal Kit components, Vendor Addresses and Web Sites.

Cal Kit Vendors: Please refer to the website for a vendor representative in your area.
Power Meter + Sensor
Spanawave Corporation
1640 Lead Hill Blvd, Suite 130
Roseville, CA 95661
Fluke Corporation
6920 Seaway Blvd.
Everett, WA 98203
S Parameters
Anritsu Company
490 Jarvis Dr.
Morgan Hill, CA 95037 USA
Noise Source
E. 64 Midland Ave.
Paramus, NJ 07652


Description Part Number
Power Sensor 20GHz, SMA, Gigatronics M7CJ2B2A
Power Meter, Gigatronics 8541C M7CJ222A
Cable, Power Sensor-N(m) MNXEHK4A
Adapter, N(m)-SMA(f) G90H7K2A
Cal Standards 18GHz, SMA O/S/L, Anritsu C5224 M6LPY61A
Noise Source .1-18GHz, 20dB ENR M6LPZJ1A

Description Part Number
USB drive with Cal Kits Standards Cal data (.GZP) MNXEHS4A
Multimeter, Fluke 87v Series 5 (5 digit accuracy) MFN6ZK1B
Banana mini gripper leads, 24in 1 red 1 black (set) MMB7GT5A
Adapter, BNC(f) to Dual Banana Plug MMFPB91A
Cable, BNC(m)-BNC(m) 36in M5WNBC1A
Cable, AC Line Cord IEC C13(f)-C14(m), 6ft MFT08S1A
RI8502B RIFL-GPIB POD Isolated RI8502B0
Cable, GPIB(m)-GPIB(m), 0.5m GCBCRS2A
Cable, RIFL3-RIFL2, 84in (2m) GGFEGW2B
Adapter, SMA(m)-SMA(f), 20 GHz GM73Y02A
Noise Source Cal Adapter, FIX Block Y000BUA1
Adapter, BNC(f) to SMA(m) MMF72X1A
Cable, Conformable, SMA(m)-SMA(m) 11" M5PJG21A
Adapter, #12 PKZ-SMA(f) Custom, Cal/Diag MBH0VH1B
(*Optional) LNA, Isolated, 12-20 GHz MCTR861A (* not included with 12 GHz configurations)

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