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50 GHz Calibration Kit Add-On

Extends 40 Ghz Cal Kit to 50 GHz

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The Calibration Kit (Cal Kit) is used while calibrating an RI test system or Fixture for frequencies up to 50 GHz. It includes a Power Meter and Sensor, OSL Standards, adapters and cables.

Power Meter: Keysight N1913A

Power Sensor: Keysight N8487A
OSL Calkit: Maury : 3 pieces Open, Short and Term

The diagnostic interface kit is sold separately and IS REQUIRED for Calibration because it providing the TIM Cal Blocks and required RF connections.

The Calibration kit needs to be calibrated annually to NIST standards. RI offers Cal Kit service as RIK0082A (for 20 Ghz cal kits).

RI usually only issues a NIST traceable calibration certificate only when a preventive maintenance and calibration (PMC) is performed. A calibration is performed when a major physical instrument is repaired or replaced, but a certificate is not issued.

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Each RI Cal Kit requires annual calibrations for most instruments. If available, you can use a calibration lab at your facility or one in your local area. If not, some of the components may have to be sent to the manufacturer for calibration. Below is a listing of the Cal Kit components, Vendor Addresses and Web Sites.

Cal Kit Instrument Vendor Information: Please refer to the website for a vendor representative in your area.

Keysight Calibration Services
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