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Cassini Diagnostic Training Class per Person

On-site costs are not included, Cassini system is required for duration of course.

Part Number: RIK0038A


Price is per student. Student travel and lodging is not included.

Minimum of 5 students.


The Cassini Maintenance Training is a 5-day course offered at the Roos Instruments factory in Santa Clara, CA that provides instruction on the operation and maintenance
of a Cassini test system. This beginning-level class provides training on the hardware, software, and fundamental microwave theory necessary to troubleshoot, diagnose,
repair, calibrate, and maintain the various instruments and components of the Cassini ATE system. Attendees receive up to 20 hours of hands-on training with the test
system in addition to in-class lectures and reference material.

There are no prerequisites for this course. A basic understanding of circuit and RF/microwave fundamentals are advantageous but not required.

The week-long course is structured into lecture-lab modules designed to build a comprehensive understanding of the hardware and software aspects of the tester and
the integrated relationship between them. Roos Instruments engineers provide inclass instruction as well as supervise hands-on training with factory Cassini test
systems to demonstrate practical application of in-class concepts. Attendees are provided a maintenance manual as well as additional training material handouts to
supplement class lectures.

Attendees that have completed the course will have the necessary skills to understand and manage all of the hardware and software components of the tester. Upon
completion of the course, students will be able to:
1. Understand and be familiar with the various software and hardware components of the Cassini test system: infrastructure, test instrument modules, fixtures, operating system, and software tools.
2. Understand the Cassini DC, Digital, and RF instrument architectures and test head configurations.
3. Conduct diagnostics and repairs of various instruments.
4. Isolate and troubleshoot issues throughout multiple system configurations of the RF source/receive measurement chain.

Cassini Maintenance Training Syllabus.pdfCassini Maintenance Training Syllabus.pdf

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