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This item will not be restocked when depleted and should be avoided for new designs.
This product entered limited availablity on 10/06/2017. View RIKs with Limited Availability for a complete list.

Suggested Replacement: ME; FRP

Expiration Reason: No Longer offering Software Updates to RI7100A

Aditional replacements may be found by searching for RIK0107 (change the REV letter) or RI7100A Basic Support Package (SU, ME, FRP).

RI7100A Basic Support Package (SU, ME, FRP)

RI7100A only

Part Number: RIK0107A


Basic Support Package

"RI Basic Support" provides the recommended level of basic support for keeping test systems in compliance with world class quality standards. Other support options can be added to meet customer specific quality requirements.

SU - Software Updates (RIK0050A)

Software updates for new and/or improved measurement buttons, data viewers & worksheets, calibration, verification & diagnostic test plans, user interface functions, and editing tools. Software Updates are released electronically as needed and/or as requested by the user. Software Updates is priced according to the number of systems installed at one site. Site and Global licenses are available.

ME - Fast Ship Module Exchange (RIK0044A)
Roos Instruments will maintain replacement modules for the test system at Roos Instruments, Santa Clara, California. If a hardware failure occurs, Roos Instruments will ship, by the fastest method available, replacement modules to the test system.
The cost for the replacement module(s) to repair a hardware failure is included in Factory Replacement Parts (FRP) support option. If the test system does not have Factory Replacement Parts support, the replacement module(s) must be purchased before the module(s) can be shipped or the user must have an open Purchase Order with RI for Hardware Repair.

FRP - Factory Replacement Parts (RIK0045A)
Only covers the cost of the parts needed to complete a repair. Use in conjunction with Module Exchange or On Site Repair Maintenance. Does not include costs for replacing RI designed fixtures or RI Kits. For RI700A, per system. For Cassini, per infrastructure module. Limited to 1 Step Attenuator per system per year.