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Dual Monitor System Controller

RI7100A only

Part Number: RIK0078A

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The System Controller (Computer) is responsible for controlling the RI7100A test system instrumentation. The specifications may change without notice. Actual systems will vary.

Typical System Computer:
Desktop Mini-tower dimensions
Intel or AMD processor (or better)
>512 Megs RAM
>60 Gig hard drive
CD-ROM Drive (non writable)
10/100 FastEthernet NIC (or better)
Dual (2) 19" Monitors (or greater) w/ Dual head Graphics Card compatible with eComStation or OS/2
Parallel port for RIFL adapter
USB 2.0 port (or better) - Note: USB flash drive support requres <2GB formatted with FAT32 or FAT16
(optional parallel port for parallel printer available as system option 035A)

Installed & pre-configured software:
RI system software with Guru
embedded OS: eComStation 2+ (networking, TCP/IP, NetBios)

Item Ref Part Number QTY Description Category Qty in Stock
1GFMGG82A1IBM xSeries 206, P4 3.4GHz, 256MB, no RAIDCmptrs
2MEN7K31A1Hard Drive, 80GB SATACmptrs
3MF1BU21A2LCD Monitor, IBM ThinkVision L191P, TFT-19"*Cmptrs
4MF1BVT1A1Video Card, Dual MonitorCmptrs
5MFNM7V2A1Hard Drive Chassis, Blue SATACmptrs
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