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Keyboard Tray, Aux Rack

Add On Component for Aux Rack

Part Number: RIK0276A

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A keyboard tray add on for the long auxiliary rack used as a shelf for Keyboard and Mouse. It can be installed on the left or right side and can be aligned with the front or back of the AUX Rack.

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MSJPKM4A RIK0276A Adding Aux Rack Tray.pdfMSJPKM4A RIK0276A Adding Aux Rack Tray.pdf

Contact Support for assembly instructions.
Item Ref Part Number QTY Description Category Qty in Stock
1MGSUBS1A1SCREW, CAP HEAD, M5 x .8 x 22mm, SSHrdwr
2MJ06B51A2screw M5 x 20mm L button socketHrdwr
3MSJPKM4A1Keyboard Tray Aux Rack Installation Instructions (RIK0276A)Dcmnt
4W1MFFBZA1Keyboard Tray AUX RackMchFb
5W1MFFNZA1Keyboard Tray Bracket*MchFb
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