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RI7100A Virtual Workstation & OS License

Part Number: RIK0126B

DO NOT use this for new Designs.

Suggested Replacement: RIK0126A

Virtual image of RI7100A System Software running on ArcaOS or eComStation operating system
One (1) RI System Software License
One (1) ArcaOS or eComStation OS License

DOES NOT INCLUDE SOFTWARE SUPPORT. You must have at least one system with a Valid support contract that includes Software Updates (SU) to get any support from RI for this product. The Virtual Workstation image is not suitable for controlling a test system and is only suitable for development with simulated hardware.

You must install Virtualbox or VMWare on a supported platform to use this product.

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1MHVHJ03B1Operating System, eComStation 2.1SwPrchsd
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