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Block, FIX Power Spyder, Pod+Open Fixture

Used by POD Carrier Modules or Relays

Part Number: RIK0356A

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DO NOT use this for new Designs.

Dual power supplies for POD carrier modules and Relays. Required by RI8606A Infrastructure, Cassini Spyder. Compatible with all Cassini infrastructures.

Includes the following 5 Power Supplies: 5v 6W, 5v 15W, 15v 6W, 15v 60W, 24v 60W

PS5 DC/DC 48v to +15v 6W

PS4 DC/DC 48v to +5v 6W
PS3 DC/DC 48v to 24v 60W
PS2 DC/DC 48v to 15v 30W
PS1 DC/DC 48v to 5v 15W