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50 GHz Calibration Kit Cal Service

Annual service for 50-75 GHz mmWave Calibration Kits

Part Number: RIK0367A


Includes calibration of the 50 GHz Cal Kit (does not include 18/20/40 GHz Cal Kit components). Includes Power Meter, Sensor and OML waveguide offset standards. Does not include repair/replacement charges (if any) or shipping charges.

Roos Instruments recommended calibration of the Power Meter is required every 1 year. However, the Power Sensor and OML Offset Standards can be maintained with a 2 year calibration cycle.

To issue calibration documentation, cal data for ALL components of the kit need to be be provided to RI.

Typical Turn-around Times, per component: (This is after the components are received at RI)

Item NameVendorModel NumberTurn Time
Power Meter (1 yr Cal cycle)KeysightN1913A
opt 101 opt 200
2 weeks
Power Sensor - 50 GHz (2 yr Cal cycle)KeysightN8487A 4 weeks
Maury OSL 50 GHz (2 yr Cal cycle)Maury7948B2, 7946B2, 7931B2, 2 weeks

RMA will be issued with customer supplied item Serial Numbers