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Open Fixture, Frame Assembly

Cassini Top Plate, Bottom Plate for Prober/Handler, Backplane Pod Carrier compatible

Part Number: RIK0302A

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NOTE: Thread-locking fluid (RIK0204A) should be applied to screws.

Assembles the Fixture with a fixed top plate design (vs clam opening) where the side plates can be completely removed during assembly and debug. Replaces the same functionality as the Matrix Side plates.

Required for Pod Carrier style fixture modules with back-plane. Required for Prober Engage Assembly to dock with a prober with prober matrix launches. Required for mmWave oval waveguide connections within the Fixture for frequencies above 40 GHz.

Requires RIK0178B Bottom Plate and one of the following: RIK0204A Proper Engage, RIK0305A QuickLock, RIK0314A DIB Dock, RIK0315A Quad

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Not compatible with RIK0178A Cassini Bottom Plate or RIK0214A QuickLock Top Plate or any revision Top Plate although those Top plates may be able to be modified in the field if absolutely necessary.

Not compatible with Module Carriers (Passive, Active, Matrix 13, Matrix 1x5), RIK303A POD Carrier Backplane required if Fixture Modules are needed. Otherwise RIK0199A Fixture SN Chip (ESN) with pass through to the DIB ESN is possible.

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