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Block, RF Block, 16 PKZ

Matrix Fixture Bottom plate - RF cable top load, diags, engineering. Allows for fixed and movable cables.

Part Number: RIK0168A

Estimated Restocking Time: 1-2 weeks

NOTE: Thread-locking fluid (RIK0204A) should be applied to screws.

Used for Diagnostic/Engineering Interface Plate and standard fixed cable connections. (Replaces RIK0143B)

Fixture block used to interface with any RF TIM (40GHz and below) with #12 PKZ Female cables. Has locations for up to 16 RF connections.

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List subject to change without notice.
Part #ApplicationsDescriptionIN TYPEM/FQTYOUT TypeM/FQTYLength (in.)Max Freq. (GHz)
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RIK0100BRF Blocks to Fixture ModulesRF Cable Kit (12" #12F-MCXM, 6 cables)PKZ #12F6MCXM61212
Product Catalog
RIK0102AREQUIRED for RF Cassini-8 Bottom Plate (RF Block Interconnect)RF Cable Kit (4" #12F-#12F, 2 Cables)PKZ #12F2PKZ #12F24
Product Catalog
RIK0154AMatrix FixtureRF Cable Kit (16" #12F-MMPX, Conf 90°, 5 Cables)PKZ #12F5MMPXM51440
Product Catalog
RIK0155BMatrix FixtureRF Cable Kit (16" #12F-MMPX, Flex, 90° 2 Cables)PKZ #12F2MMPXM21640
Product Catalog
RIK0169ACassini Fixture - TIM interconnectRF Cable (Coax,Confrm,#12F-#12F 8" COAX)PKZ #12F1PKZ #12F18
Product Catalog
RIK0172ACassini Fixture 40 GhzRF Cable (Coax,Semi-Rigid,#12F PKZ-2.9(M),12")PKZ #12F1K 2.9M11240
Product Catalog
RIK0179AQuick Connections from RF TIM Block to Modules/DIBRF Cable, Coax conf., .085 #12F Special-SMAM 8" QTY 1PKZ #12F1SMAM1820
Product Catalog
RIK0180ARF Cable 18" #12F-MCXM Flex, 1 cable)PKZ #12F1MCXM11812
Product Catalog
RIK0181AHigh Frequency Launch to DIB - 40 GHzRF Cable, 16" #12F-MMPX 90°, CNF (1 Cable)PKZ #12F1MMPXM11640
Product Catalog
RIK0196ARF Blocks to 20 GHz Modules or Inserts, Cassini16RF Cable, Coax, #12F-SMAM, 18" (QTY 1)PKZ #12F1SMAM11820
Product Catalog
RIK0197ARF Blocks to 20 GHz Modules or Inserts, CassiniRF Cable, Coax, .085, #12F-SMAM, 11" (QTY 1)PKZ #12F1SMAM11120
Product Catalog
RIK0207ARF Block to SSMP(GPPO) Fixture Modules, Cassini 16RF Cable Kit ( PKZ #12F - SSMP(F) .086 Dia. 18" Conf. Coax)PKZ #12F1SSMP(GPPO)F11840
Product Catalog
RIK0210ARF Blocks to Modules or Inserts, Cassini8RF Cable, Coax, #12F-SMAM, 8" (QTY 1)PKZ #12F1SMAM1820
Product Catalog
RIK0237ACassini Fixture 40 GhzRF Cable (Coax,Semi-Rigid,#12F PKZ-2.9(M),2")PKZ #12F1K 2.9M11240
Product Catalog
RIK0243ACassini Fixtures TIM Interconnect RF Cable (Coax,Confrm,#12F-#12F 16" COAX)PKZ #12F1PKZ #12F11640

Assemble Side + Mid + Center + Mid + Side on the Block with the provided screws.

  1. Insert permanent cables before screwing down section. Diag/Cal cables can be used at any time in open ports.

W1MFEZAA - Block
W1MFEZBA - Center
W1MFEZCA - Mid (on both sides of the center)
W1MFEZEA - Side (outer)

Qty 2 screws used to hold the block in Contact Support for assembly instructions.
Item Ref Part Number QTY Description Category Qty in Stock
1Assy InstructionsM6ZXSJ1A10SCREW, FLAT PHIL, 2-56 X 3/8", SSHrdwr
2Assy InstructionsMC7SVE1B2SCREW, TRUSS PHIL, 4-40 X 3/16" SS W/PATCHLOCKHrdwr
3Assy InstructionsMP16SR1A1Assembly Instructions for RIK0168ADcmnt
4Assy InstructionsW1MFEZAH1S3 MODIFIED CAL w/ Screw Holes hyp mfixMchFb
6Assy InstructionsW1MFEZCB2BLOCK MID S3 CALMchFb
7Assy InstructionsW1MFEZEB2BLOCK SIDE S3 CALMchFb
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