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QuickLock, Center Bar Support 80mm Pitch

QuickLock Top Plate, Symmetric Dual Site, Matrix

Part Number: RIK0261A

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Allows for quick swap of DIB, works only with the Quick Lock TOP PLATE RIK0214A. Requires Dual DUT Clamp RIK0259A.

Works with all current Fixture Launch/Inserts, but not compatible with old-style "saddle" launches for the old, non-QuickLock center rail design.

Item Ref Part Number QTY Description Category Qty in Stock
1MH3FNL1A2SCREW, FLAT PHIL, 4-40 X 1/4",100° SS, w/patchHrdwr
2W1MFFMTA1Center support 80mm pitchMchFb
BOM Refreshed:05/11/2020 06:24 PM