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Engage Lock, DIB Clamp Rectangle

Seiko/Epson handlers with DIB Dock Top Plate, extra screws

Part Number: RIK0324A

Estimated Restocking Time: 12+ weeks (limited)


Allows for reliable and rapid swap of Device Interface Board (DIB), works only with the Open Fixture, DIB Dock Top Plate RIK0314A.

This robust DIB Clamp assures reliable blind mate connections by removing the potential for hand tightened screws from affecting the mating plane.

Z-height designed to work with Seiko/Epson compatible handlers so the top of the DUT board will be at the expected hight when docked.

Extra screws for thicker, non-complying DUT Boards. If DUT Board thickness or insert layout causes bowing of the DUT Board, extra screws are intended to reduce DIB compliance when installed on a QuickLock Top Plate. See DIB Design Guide for thickness specifications.