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This item will not be restocked when depleted and should be avoided for new designs.
This product entered limited availablity on 03/03/2020. View RIKs with Limited Availability for a complete list.

Suggested Replacement: RIK0290B

Expiration Reason: Improved Functionality

Aditional replacements may be found by searching for RIK0053 (change the REV letter) or Fixture Cbits Controller (1 Module).

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Fixture Cbits Controller (1 Module)

Adds additional 8 Cbits, plus 2 Opto-Cbits

Part Number: RIK0053B

Estimated Restocking Time: 12+ weeks (limited)

DO NOT use this for new Designs.

Suggested Replacement: RIK0290B

Adds additional control bits up to 8 additional switches or relays, plus 2 Opto isolated cBits. (per Module)

Compatible with All Carrier Types: Passive, Active, and RIFL (controlled by c-bits)

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Database 'Product Docs', View 'Manuals\Training Manual\Table Of Contents', Document 'RIK0053A - Fixture Cbit Controller' - Fixture CBits Controller

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1MPNR681A1Doc, Fixture CBits ControllerDcmnt
2Y0001QA31Switch Driver, Fixture*Modl
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