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Driver Board for Fixture Switches

Drive Fixture Switching to 20GHz

Part Number: RIK0255A

Estimated Restocking Time: 1-2 weeks

Driver board for high performance Fixture switches. Only this module is attached to the carrier directly, the switch/attenuator module is mounted to the Fixture with mounting and cables sold separately: RIK0251A or RIK0252A.

Fixture modules sold separately: RIK0250A Absorptive Switch , RIK0253A Reflective Switch, RIK0254A Attenuator .

There are three headers on the driver board (H3, H4, and H5) as shown in the Figure 6. The different headers provide specific voltage/current drive conditions to support multiple modules and types of modules. Reference the chart below for the required header for each type of module.

Module Header
Attenuator H3 only
MMIC Switch H3 or H4
Reflective Switch H3, H4, or H5
Absorptive Switch H3 or H4

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