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C-Bits Fixture Pod

Control Bits for Fixture accessories

Part Number: RIK0290B

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Adds additional control bits up to 8 additional switches or relays, plus 2 Opto isolated cBits. (per Module)

Compatible with RIFL POD Carrier only.

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Product Docs
RIK0290A Control Bits Module Application Note & Specificationshttps://roos.com/docs/RBEH-C2XTN8?Open

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Item Ref Part Number QTY Description Category Qty in Stock
1M6J2JS1A4SCREW, SEMS, 4-40 X 1/4" SSHrdwr
2MH3FNL1A2SCREW, FLAT PHIL, 4-40 X 1/4",100° SS, w/patchHrdwr
3MTGT224A1Y000EXA +5V/+28V Power Harness*CblMsc
5Y000EXA11CBIT Fixture Pod*PcbAssy
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