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Driver Board, Ribbon Cable, 20" (Qty 1)

Extends Mounting Options from Driver to Switching/Atten Modules

Part Number: RIK0256A

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Extend mounting options to anywhere in the Fixture with this 20" Ribbon Cable for connecting Driver board (RIK0255A) with one Switch or Attenuator. Requires one cable per module.

NOTE: Ribbon cables are already included with the Bottom Plate (3x) or Carrier Mount (2x) hardware.
Part #Description
Product Catalog
RIK0251ABottom Plate Mount, 20 GHz Pin Switch or Attenuator
Product Catalog
RIK0252ACarrier Mount, 20 GHz Pin Switch or Attenuator

Use with these RIKs.
Product Catalog
254AAttenuator, Fixture 20 GHz 31dB in 1dB steps
Product Catalog
250AHi IP3 SP4T Pin Switch 20 GHz, Absorptive
Product Catalog
253AHi IP3 SP4T Pin Switch 20 GHz, Reflective

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1MRP5PA4A1Cable Assy Ribbon 10c 20in .050Rbbn
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