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Switch Module, Dual SPDT High TOIP 6GHz

6 GHz Fixture Switching High TOIP

Part Number: RIK0220A

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The RIK0220A includes one DUAL SPDT RF module. High TOIP makes it especially useful for tests requiring this capability.

Install with RIFL carriers (RIK0175A or RIK0200A or later), not compatible with Smart Carrier. It is especially easy to use since DC wiring is not required when used in conjunction with the smart carrier. It also helps to reduce fixture complexity where a high level of RF switching is required.

Part #DesciptionPriceWeightQOHModified
Product Catalog
RIK0175ACarrier, RIFL 1x5 slots + FIX Block Harness$1,3790
02/08/2017 11:22:34 AM
Product Catalog
RIK0200ACarrier, RIFL Matrix Top, 13 Modules$1,0041
02/08/2017 11:22:41 AM
Product Catalog
RIK0236ACarrier, RIFL Expansion, 1x5 with Bus Cable$9200
02/08/2017 12:31:51 PM

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RIK0220A - 6GHz SPDT Absorptive Switch HIGH TOIP
Product Docs
Replacing RIK0058A with the RIK0220A SPDT Switches

Replacing RIK0058A with the RIK0220A SPDT Switches.pdfReplacing RIK0058A with the RIK0220A SPDT Switches.pdf

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