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This item will not be restocked when depleted and should be avoided for new designs.
This product entered limited availablity on 08/24/2015. View RIKs with Limited Availability for a complete list.

Suggested Replacement: RI8535A

Expiration Reason: TIM provides better performance

Aditional replacements may be found by searching for RIK0127 (change the REV letter) or High Speed Digital Scan Module Kit.

Out of Stock: Ships 12+ weeks (limited) ARO No New Designs

High Speed Digital Scan Module Kit

80 Mbit/sec digital signal to DUT, Does not work with RIFL based Carriers (Cassini 8 or RI7100A only).

Part Number: RIK0127A

In Stock: 0

Estimated Restocking Time: 12+ weeks (limited)

DO NOT use this for new Designs.

Suggested Replacement: RI8535A

Improved physical interfaces for easier integration than RIK0017A. Adds Scan and 16 Mega Vector memory depth.

Provides High Speed Digital signal to the DUT from the fixture.

High Speed Scan Module Kit (1 Module)

2 Sets of 4 I/O Pins: DB 1 to 4 and DB 5 to 8
Von and Voff Set Range: 0 to 4V
Vcompare: 0 to 4V
Serial Control Supports: Data Read, Data Write, Clock, Strobe
Serial Write: Up to 80 Mbits/sec.
Scan Support: Yes
Parametric Measure: Yes

Must be installed in "M1" or "M5" Active Carrier module location.

Does not work with RIFL based Carriers on Cassin 16, Use only with Cassini 8 (RIK0160A) or RI7100A (RIK0084A) "active" carrier only.

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