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Suggested Replacement: RI8535B

Expiration Reason: Better Performance, TIM scales better, SCAN support

Aditional replacements may be found by searching for RIK0147 (change the REV letter) or Module, Digital 40 Pogo Pins.

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Module, Digital 40 Pogo Pins

Soft dock, Fixture Module on any Carrier, Use RIK0146A DIB Insert for Harddock

Part Number: RIK0147A

Estimated Restocking Time: 12+ weeks (limited)


Provides the ability to breakout signals from the RI8535B Digital TIM on an individual pin for pin basis.

ONLY use COAX to get to DIB (RIK0148A): These impedance matched Coax Cables are necessary to interface with the DUT to avoid digital interference. DO NOT USE DC JUMPER CABLES.

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Digital TIM or Fixture Digital Module Best Practices - How to Avoid Failure Interfacing Due To Wiring Ringing Effects

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