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This item will not be restocked when depleted and should be avoided for new designs.
This product entered limited availablity on 08/04/2022. View RIKs with Limited Availability for a complete list.

Suggested Replacement: RIK0309B

Expiration Reason: Improved 2x5 Ribbon headers

Aditional replacements may be found by searching for RIK0308 (change the REV letter) or Engage DC Insert, 16 pin w/ PCB ribbon.

Out of Stock: Ships 12+ weeks (limited) ARO No New Designs

Engage DC Insert, 16 pin w/ PCB ribbon

DC to Probe Card, 16 pin w/ PCB ribbon

Part Number: RIK0308A

In Stock: 0

Estimated Restocking Time: 12+ weeks (limited)

DO NOT use this for new Designs.

Suggested Replacement: RIK0309B

NOTE: Thread-locking fluid (RIK0204A) should be applied to screws.

Connects DC resources from Block to Probe Card, mounted with ribbon cable and extended launch height for use with Probe assembly. Includes a shroud to prevent shorting pins.

Standard Matrix Launch is Product CatalogRIK0135C DC Insert, 16 pin, Shroud, 0.02 in Taller

Part #ApplicationsDescriptionIN TYPEM/FQTYOUT TypeM/FQTYLength (in.)Max Freq. (GHz)QOHPriceSubCategory
Product Catalog
RIK0007AUsed to transfer DC power in fixtureDC Jumper Wires, 28AWG, 4"+8" (qty 20+20)DC (Jumper)F40DC (Jumper)F40800$446DC Wires (Jumper)
Product Catalog
RIK0007BDC Starter Kit for 8 Port FixturesDC Jumper Wires, 28AWG 4"+8"+12" (qty 20+20+20)DC (Jumper)F60DC (Jumper)F6012012$453DC Wires (Jumper)
Product Catalog
RIK0128ADC Starter Kit for 16 Port FixturesDC Jumper Wires, 28AWG, 12"+18" (qty 30&30)DC (Jumper)F60DC (Jumper)F601801$453DC Wires (Jumper)
Product Catalog
RIK0157ADC Power (Extra Long)DC Jumper Wire Set 28AWG 18" (40 pieces)DC (Jumper)F40DC (Jumper)F401805$368DC Wires (Jumper)
Product Catalog
RIK0190ADC power (Short), Daisy ChainDC Jumper Wires, 28AWG, 4" (qty 10)DC (Jumper)F10DC (Jumper)F10404$129DC Wires (Jumper)
Product Catalog
RIK0191ADC power (Mid)DC Jumper Wires, 28AWG, 8" (qty 10) DC (Jumper)F10DC (Jumper)F10805$129DC Wires (Jumper)
Product Catalog
RIK0192ADC power (Long), 20RF Top platesDC Jumper Wires, 28AWG, 12" (qty 10) DC (Jumper)F10DC (Jumper)F101203$129DC Wires (Jumper)

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Database 'Product Docs', View 'Manuals\Cassini Manual\Table Of Contents', Document 'DUT Interface Board (DIB) Design Guide'See Also DUT Interface Board (DIB) Design Guide for more overall design information and examples.

SubjectLast Modified
Product Docs
Matrix Top Plate RF Interfaces03/25
Product Docs
Test Fixture Design - Matrix Fixture Dut Interface Board (DIB) Layout02/11

Install to any Insert location around the edge of any Fixture Top Plate.