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FixKit, 50-70GHz TIM to 2x Engage WG RR15

Fixture Signal Kit (TIM to DIB) for VBand

Part Number: RIK0347A

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Estimated Restocking Time: 4-6 weeks


Assembly of RIKs needed to bring the RI8590 TIM in T5 RF resources up to the DIB in the Fixture.

RI8580 TS60:

1x RIK0317A Block, Dual RR15
2x RIK0329A RR15 Engage Insert
1x MYPPN6A RR15 in T5 to DIB W1(rf2) to E34 on Engage Plate
1x MYA5X86A W2(rf2) to E30 on Engage Plate

RIK0347A vband fixtkit assy to fixture.pdfRIK0347A vband fixtkit assy to fixture.pdf

Contact Support for assembly instructions.