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Engage RF Insert, 18 Ghz, Dual PKZ#12-Bulls Eye

WF to DIB, 0-18 GHz Launch to DIB

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Connects 2 RF Cables to the DIB using the Open Fixture Engage Plate. 300mm, 11.8 inch cable. 2.9mm SMA Connector to Bulls Eye (planned PKZ#12 up to 40 GHz)

The max frequency is dependant on the PCB micro strip launch trace design and the SMA connector type (standard up to 18 GHz, PKZ#12 and 2.9mm is good up to 40 GHz). However, since the PCB pad design severly limits the max frequency range, standard SMA connectors and 18 GHz max frequency is recommended.

PKZ to SMA(m) cables for most purposes, including Waveguide and RF signals below 18 GHz.

Part #DescriptionApplicationsGender90°QTYLength (in.)FlexabilityMax Freq. (GHz)
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RIK0258ARF Cable, Flex, PKZ #12(f)-SMA(m), 12"(Flexible) RF TIM Blocks to DIB Launch RF InsertsPKZ #12(F)-SMA(M)112Flex20

Suitable for signals from the following TIMs:
RI8508CSource - 6 GHz Microwave Signal Generator TIM
RI8567BTest Set and RF Measure - 2 Port, 6/12 GHz TIM
RI8575APhase Noise Measure, 16 GHz TIM
RI8577A20 GHz Combiner with Amp/Attenuator TIM
RI8586ASource - 25 GHz Microwave Signal Generator TIM*
RI8594BTime Domain Meas. (Waveform + LNC) TIM
RI8595BPower Amplifier, 0.7-6 GHz, 20W Max TIM
RI8596ARF Measure - 24 GHz DSP Receiver w/ LO TIM*
RI8603APower Amplifier, Generic TIM
*For signals up to 18 GHz, limitations on PCB may affect higher frequencies

Note: Subject to change.