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FixKit, 70-86GHz TIM to 2x Engage WG RR12

Fixture Signal Kit (TIM to DIB) E-Band frequencies

Part Number: RIK0354A

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Estimated Restocking Time: 4-6 weeks


Assembly of RIKs needed to bring the RI8604 E-Band Test Set TIM resources up to the DIB in the Fixture.

RI8604 Test Set:

2x RIK0329A Engage Insert
2x RR12 from T11 W1(rf1) and W2(rf2) to L7 and L3 on the Engage Plate (#1 and #2 below)

RIK0354A eband fixtkit assy to fixture.pdfRIK0354A eband fixtkit assy to fixture.pdf

Contact Support for assembly instructions.