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FixKit, Receiver TIM to 2x Engage Dual BE & 2 SMA(f)

Fixture Signal Kit (TIM to DIB)

Part Number: RIK0345A

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Assembly of RIKs needed to bring the TIM resources up to the DIB in the Fixture.

1x RIK0327A PKZ#12-BE 18GHz Launch

2x SMA-F Fixture External Aux Ports

"BE" launches include 2 resources per launch:
18GHz with standard PCB Traces
24GHz with SSMP/GPPO connector

Connect conformable SMA cables mounted to AuxIFOutput (C9) and AuxRfOutput (C14) to the SMA M-M adapters mounted to the outside of the Fixture. Label the ports with the Receiver's Port names.

Connect the two SMA connectors from AuxRfOut2 (C15) and LowBandIn (C16) to the Dual BE Launch as required by Fixture/DIB design requirements.