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Part #DesciptionPriceIn StockCategoryStatus
10B84HA1Arbitrary Waveform Synthesizer0Part
14CYUWB1ICC Driver (16 Bit DAC)0Part
2CAJ23A1Digitizer Input (Video Mux Board)0Part
2D26N6A3High Current Driver (3.0A Bias)0Part
4G-CASSINI4G (LTE, WiMAX) DevicesApplication
5G-CASSINI5G Devices-Application
A7G5064BCable, #12F - #12F 16"47Part
A8BNV93AA7 Yig Loop0Part
AANH632AMini Keyboard w/Touch pad16Part
AEPMS62AGPIB Custom Software Driver0Part
ANF06P3AReceiver Upgrade Exchange (81A -> 87A)0Part
AP57ZJ3AS3 HYP Head Block Kit0Part
ATTKHP5AHardware for Matrix Fixture, Side Plates, Cassini 16 Slot0Part
AUTO-CASSINIAutomotive RadarApplication
BACK-CASSINIBase station or Backhaul (High Power)Application
CAS004ASystem Integration of TIMs and Cal Fixture-CASSINI
CASSINICassini Modular Automated Test Equipment2System
CASSINI_16Requires CASSINI 16 TIMs w/ 16 port Fixture Interface-RITS
CASSINI_8Requires CASSINI TIMs & 8 port Fixture interface-RITS
CUSTOMCo-development with Customer IP-CASSINI
ELTH8M1APower Sensor 40GHz, 2.9mm, Spanawave/Gigatronics
ETSEngineering Technical Support Upgrade - 50 hrs-CASSINI,SPYDER
FRPFactory Replacement Parts - 1 year-RI7100A
G6T7XP2AA11 FM/PM Option Board3Part
G7181Z2ARIFL2 Cable, 2' (Handler Cable)1Part
G797EX2AA5 PCB Fine Loop1Part
G7E3AA2A2 Yr. Cal Cycle for Z540 Calibration for SC5224 Cal kit-Part
G7X09E2AStep Atten, 110 dB, 20 GHz, Exchange10Part
G87K632AMixer, Even Harmonic 40GHz12Part
G889X02ARIFL2 Cable (RJ45) - RI7100A Instruments to Hub - 3'37Part
G89TCL2ARIFL2 Cable (RJ45) - RI7100A to Handler POD - 7'12Part
G8ERSH2ADown Converter, Exchange4Part
G8KV122ADigital Pogo Pin, 1 pin868Part
G8UZL32ARIFL2 Cable (RJ45) - RI7100A SysController to Hub - 15'16Part
G96VGV2AAdapter, MCX Jack SMA Jack20Part
G9AKWA2AAdapter, 2.9mm(f)-2.9mm(f) K Conn1Part
G9B4MH2AMCX Jack to Jack Adapter0Part
G9SFMT2BCoax Confrm, #12M - SMAM 18" Spring Coax-1Part
G9XV672AAdapter SMA Jack-Plug 90°4Part
GGFEH22ACable, RIFL3-RIFL2, 180"0PartLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
GGFEH22BRIFL3-RIFL2 Cable - Cassini POD 15 ft./4.5m14Part
GGGHA02ADC Block, 14 in. Cassini Fixture 0Part
GURU-HWHardware Warranty Extension for Guru System, Additional Year-GURU-SRV
GURU-SRVGuru Server and 1 Yr SupportSystem
GURU-SUSoftware Updates for Guru System, Additional Year-GURU-SRV
HNDPLATECustom Adapter Plate for RI Large Handler Dock$2,710-Fixture Docking
HOURS_ENGEngineering Services0Part
HOURS_TSTTest Data Collection Service0Part
M5CH190BCoax SMA M to SSIS M 10"44Part
M5PJFN1ACoax,Confrm,SMAM-SMAM 5"Part
M5PJG41ACoax SMA M to SMA M 12'23Part
M5PZ001ASwitcher +5/-12/+12 VDC0Part
M5PZ031ASwitcher +15/+15 VDC0Part
M5PZ051ASwitcher +5/+28 VDC0Part
M5R1NU1AHigh Current Pins803Part
M5WNBC1ABNC M to M35Part
M64CUF1ARIFL1 Cable, 1 Meter0Part
M64CW91ARIFL1 Cable, 3 Meter0Part
M64CWG1BRIFL1 Cable, 5 Meter0Part
M64E5R1ASwitch, SPDT R Pin, 0.01 - 12 GHz0Part
M64E5U1CRelay, 20 GHz0Part
M6G8JZ1AATTN,3db 2W SMA0Part
M6GSBX1AStep Atten, 110 dB, 20 GHz, Purchase0Part
M6GSBX1BStep Atten, 110 dB, 20 GHz4Part
M6GSCE1ARF/Microwave Coupler, 10db 13Part
M6LPZJ1ANoise Source, Calibration Standard1Part
M6WJ4T1APower Cord F to M46Part
M7CJ222ASpanawave/Gigatronics Power Meter 8541C w/ Cert
and Cable 1.5m (5 feet)
M81YH32AA10 AM Mod Option Board1Part
M86K411ANoise Source, Internal0Part
M86K4N1AAttenuator, Step, Pin6Part
M86K4Z1ASwitch, 20 GHz, 4 Port, 2 F/ 2 M, Pin0Part
M86K5F1ASwitch, SPDT R Pin, 0.1 - 20 GHz8Part
M86K641CMechanical Relay, 20 GHz0Part
M87MZL1ASwitch, 20 GHz, 4 Port , 4 F, Pin2Part
M8AHFG1AA3 Reference Loop (RI7710G) MG3692A8Part
M8ERKE1AAmplifier, 0.5 to 4 GHz, 1 W0Part
M8M1KL1ASynthesized CW Generator, 2 - 20 GHz0Part
M8SHHL1ASource Repair2Part
M8VX051ASwitch, MMIC15Part
M96JBB1AAmplifier, 0.5 to 4 GHz, 1 W, w/ 10 pin header0Part
M9CLV51CFixture, Bottom Interface, 71000Part
M9TUB41ALNA, 0.1 to 20 GHz Assy1Part
M9Z7TP1AHose, Blue Vinyl, 54" long0Part
MA662W1AConductive Elastomer round .071 Dia, 1"1,342Part
MA6S6M1AAC Line Cord41Part
MAEKR61ABattery kit for UPS0Part
MB06Y41ARI7100A Pogo Pin - QTY170Part
MB3L2N1ARIFL2 Cable, CAT5 Shielded, 14' Red0Part
MBH0VH1BPKZ #12(f) to SMA(f), Adapter, Cal/Diag42Part
MCRH7Z1ACoax, Q-flex plus, 90° mcx-mcx 5"32Part
MEFast Ship Module Exchange - 1 year-RI7100A
ME873C1AMixer 0.05 - 300 MHz0Part
ME873G1ACombiner, 0.002 - 60 MHz0Part
ME873H1ALNA, 2.9dB NF, 24dB Gain0Part
ME97F01ACable High Speed Digital Shielded EQCD M-F 40 Conductor
MEBPAC1ACoax, Q-flex plus, 90° mcx-SMAM 5"6Part
MECSST1ADC Harness, BVD(f) to pogo(f)0Part
MEMS-CASSINIRF MEMS DevicesApplication
MF0BR81AReceiver Upgrade Exchange0Part
MF4ZEX1AATTN, 3 db 2 Watt SMA25Part
MFA8CZ1AATTN, 6 db 2 Watt SMA23Part
MFN6XR1ACoax, Q-flex plus, 90° mcx-mcx 12"0Part
MFSHLX1AHandler Cable, 14' DSUB 25pin Pigtail w/ Connector11Part
MG2ZTS1ASCREW, FLAT PHIL, 10-32 X 3/8", SS76Part
MGGKAU1A800 W, 48V MODULE W/ I2C17Part
MGK1WC1ADry Air Dual Site Assembly0Part
MGS52L1AExchange Reference Loop Board (A3) for MG3692B0Part
MGY36J1BCoax 1x3 to 1x3 16" shielded Twisted
Pair, Ground
MH5ZTJ1BCoax,Confrm,#12F-SMAM 8" Coax Cable Assy32Part
MHABJH1APower Divider, Combiner .5 - 20GHz6Part
MHFE0A1ACable, High Speed Digital, Fixture Side, 40 pins, 20"18Part
MHFREC1A20RF Fixture Bottom Plate, Carrier and Sides0Part
MJ7F7A3AWR12 H-Bend (90)Part
MKGUEV3ACable, #12F-MCXM 20"16Part
MKK99K1AHose Coupling 1/4NPT female thread2Part
MKZGFA1ATIM pogo Block Assembly35Part
ML16U24ACassini Split BVD, Conformable Cable 17"0Part
ML5EHB1AShort WG Adapter for Power MeterPart
ML750B1AStep Atten, 110dB, 20GHz11Part
MLYM9G1ACoax, Semi-Rigid, 2.9mm(m)-2.9mm(m), 6.0"11Part
MN60GB5AUPSectomy Kit (adds pulizzi)0Part
MN60KF1BCoax,Confrm,.085,SMAM-SSMPF(90) (GPPO) 7"34Part
MNXZC24BAplle iPad (Roos Support Tablet)Part
MP38HS1AATTN, 20 db, 20 Watt, 20 GHz4Part
MP6WRN1AHarness, SpeakOn to Banana, 72", For Freescale PA0Part
MP6WRP3AHarness, BVD to Banana, 72", 4DP Interface w/Kill + 4 more Vcc0Part
MP6WRP3BHms, BVD to Bna, 72", 4DP w/Kill + 4 VCCs7Part
MPG9M41AAssy, Attn 30dB 50W for RI8595A AMP Cal0Part
MPSNYT5AAir Adapter Kit14Part
MPV2385ADC Pigtail Harness, FSP, TIM Slot 30Part
MPV2385BDC Pigtail Harness, FSP, TIM Slot 30Part
MR5CCB1AServer Rack with Local Admin (KVM, Switch,Routing)-GURU-SRV
MRLWK91ACalibration Kit 80 GHz add-on Cal Kit0Part
MRNNW04ADC Cable Assembly1Part
MSPE434APCB Stiffener For 11 inch Round Probe Card-2Part
MSZ1GU4AHarness FET Pulser TIM Block (Custom ADI)Part
MTL2XF6AWG Block Fixture w WG & PKZ holders0Part12+ weeks (limited)
MTRNHH4ACable, #12F - #12 F 12"22Part
MTSBBG4BLoop Assembly, ObroundPart
MU00RG6BADI E band TX-RX cal WG thru cable0Part
MU100L6BTX WG line split in two for attenuator0Part
MU544H5BAssy, Attn 30db 50W for Ri8595BPart
MUF6524AS1 Hypertronic Fixture Block Assembly0Part
MUHKYV6AFixture Block RR12B0Part
MURKK91AUpgrade Kit, Add Src3 to Aux Rack0Part
MV1JCR1AUG387-RR12 Transition Block0Part
MVRPPV1ATest Head Rotation Lock (Rev C) Retrofit Kit1Part
MW3ZER5ABearing Assembly UBAR-4Part
MWM6YW6ASSMP Raised Floating LaunchPart
MX8UJN6AWaveguide Blind Mate Launch Mounting Assembly$1,5280Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
MX8ULA6AWaveguide RR15 V-Band (T16 Port1 DUT A)$1,381Fixture Cables
OSROn Site Repair - 1 Year-RI7100A
PA-CASSINIPower AmplifiersApplication
PEDESTALSPedestal Designs$1,5300Fixture DIB Layer
PMPCPreventive Maintenance & Calibration - 1 Visit, RI7100A-RI7100A
PSRPhone Support for Service & Repair - 1 Year
PTSProduction Technical Support - 1 Year-RI7100A
RI7100ARFIC ATE System-System
RI7100A_RITSRequires RI7100A Fixture interface-RITS
RI7260ASource 1/2 combiner module, Aux2 in, Dual 6GHz Amps-CASSINI
RI7260BSource 1/2 combiner module, Aux2 in, Dual 6GHz Amps-CASSINI
RI7260DSource 1/2 combiner module, Aux2 in, Dual 6GHz Amps-CASSINI
RI7261ASource 1/2 combiner module, Aux2 in, No Amps-CASSINI
RI7322J0Receiver "J"-Part12+ weeks (limited)
RI7323ARF Measure - 20 GHz Receiver-CASSINI
RI7725ASource - 20 GHz Microwave Signal Generator-CASSINI
RI7725CSource - 20 GHz Microwave Signal Generator-CASSINI
RI8002ARF Pulse Profiling-CASSINI
RI8500A0HUB Ri8500-Part
RI8501BRIFL Master-Part
RI8502A0RIFL to GPIB Instrument Pod I/0-PartContact Factory
RI8508A6 GHz Digitally Modulated Signal Generator TIM -CASSINI
RI8508B6 GHz Digitally Modulated Signal Generator TIM -CASSINI
RI8508CSource - 6 GHz Microwave Signal Generator TIM -CASSINI
RI8516AHandler Interface Pod - Serial-PartLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RI8516BHandler Interface Pod - Serial with Opto-Isolation-CASSINI,RI7100A
RI8517AHandler Interface Pod - Parallel-CASSINI12+ weeks (limited)
RI8517A0Handler Interface Pod - Parallel-Part12+ weeks (limited)
RI8517A1Handler Interface Pod - Parallel-Part12+ weeks (limited)
RI8517BHandler Interface Pod - Parallel (Isolated)-Part12+ weeks (limited)
RI8521ATime Domain Measurement (Waveform)-CASSINI
RI8521BTime Domain Measurement (Waveform)-CASSINI
RI8521CTime Domain Measurement (Waveform)-CASSINI
RI8528ARF Measure - 20 GHz Receiver-CASSINI
RI8528BRF Measure - 20 GHz Receiver-CASSINI
RI8535AFSPU Digital TIM (40/80/120)-CASSINI
RI8535B-2020 Pin FSPU Digital TIM-CASSINI
RI8535B080 Pin FSPU Digital TIM-CASSINI
RI8535B140 Pin FSPU Digital TIM-CASSINI
RI8535B220 Pin FSPU Digital TIM-CASSINI
RI8535B440 Pin FSPU Digital TIM-CASSINI
RI8536ASource: Amp Attenuator-Part
RI8536A0Source: Amp Attenuator-PartRI8536A
RI8542ALow Phase Noise Source and Measure, 6 GHz-CASSINI
RI8545ATestset - 4 ports, 12 GHz Test Head-CASSINI
RI8545BTestset - 4 ports, 20 GHz Test Head-CASSINI
RI8546ADevice Power Module (DP,VM,DB,VI,VCC)-CASSINI
RI8546BDevice Power Module (DP,VM,DB,VI,VCC)-CASSINI
RI8546CDevice Power Module (DP,VM,DB,VI,VCC)-CASSINI
RI8547ATestset - 2 Port, 6 GHz Test Head-CASSINI
RI8549ATesthead 8 Slot RI7100C-CASSINI
RI8551AEPC (Embedded PC), Controller for Cassini Sm/Lg-CASSINI12+ weeks (limited)
RI8551BEPC, Controller for Cassini (NOT USED YET)-PartLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RI8552A0Handler Interface Pod - GPIB-Part12+ weeks (limited)
RI8553ARF Measure - 20 GHz Receiver (& RecLO)-CASSINI
RI8554ASource - 20 GHz Source with Amp Attenuator-CASSINI
RI8555ASource - 6 GHz Source with Amp Attenuator-CASSINI
RI8556BInfrastructure - Small Cassini-CASSINI
RI8557AInfrastructure - Large Cassini-CASSINI
RI8563ATestset - 2 Port 1-Path, 20-40 GHz -CASSINI
RI8563BTestset - 2 Port 1-Path, 4-40.5 GHz -CASSINI
RI8563CTestset - 2 Port 1-Path, 4-40.5 GHz -CASSINI
RI8564ATestset - 1 Port, 77 GHz Test Head-CASSINI
RI8564BTestset - 1 Port, 75-81 GHz WR-12 TIM-CASSINI
RI8564CTestset - 1 Port, 71-86 GHz WR-12 TIM-CASSINI
RI8566A4 Source Combiner with Source - 20 GHz-CASSINI
RI8567ATestset and RF Measure - 2 Port, 6 GHz TIM-CASSINI
RI8567BTestset and RF Measure - 2 Port, 6/12 GHz TIM-CASSINI
RI8568AInfrastructure - Cassini 16-CASSINI
RI8568BInfrastructure - Cassini 16-CASSINI
RI8568CInfrastructure - Cassini 16-CASSINI
RI8572ATime Domain Measurement (HP Waveform)-CASSINI
RI8573ATestset - 1 Port, 50-58 GHz WR-15 TIM-CASSINI
RI8574AEPC, Cassini 16 System Controller TIM-CASSINI
RI8575APhase Noise Measure-CASSINI
RI8576AAuxiliary Instrument Rack - OLD Short (Custom)-CASSINI
RI8576BAuxiliary Instrument Rack (Custom)-CASSINI
RI8577A2 Source Combiner with Amp/Attenuator-CASSINI
RI8579BGPIB Prober POD, Isolated-CASSINI
RI8580ATestset - 2 Port 1 Path, 50-70 GHz WR-15 TIM-CASSINI
RI8581ARF Measure - 20 GHz Receiver TIM, non-DSP (Req.LO)-CASSINI
RI8582ATestset - 2 Port 1-Path, 4-40.5 GHz, w/ NF-CASSINI
RI8583ACassini 16 Production Touchscreen Monitor & Arm-CASSINI
RI8584AAuxiliary Instrument Rack TALL (Custom)-CASSINI
RI8585ATime Domain Meas. (Hi Perf Waveform) + Low Noise Clk-CASSINI
RI8586ASource - 24 GHz Microwave Signal Generator-CASSINI
RI8587ARF Measure - 20 GHz Receiver w/ DSP TIM (Req. LO)-CASSINI
RI8590AGround Isolator for Handler Pods-CASSINI,RI7100A
RI8591AInfrastructure - Cassini SPYDER, 16 TIM Slots-CASSINI
RI8592APower Amplifier TIM, 0.7-2.7GHz, 16W Nominal-CASSINI
RI8594ATime Domain Meas. (HP Waveform) + Low Noise Clk-CASSINI
RI8594BTime Domain Meas. (HP Waveform) + Ultra LNC-CASSINI
RI8595APower Amplifier TIM, 0.7-2.7GHz, 30W Nominal-CASSINI
RI8595BPower Amplifier TIM, 0.7-6GHz, 20W Max-CASSINI
RI8597ACassini Development Desktop User Interface-CASSINI
RI8599ACassini 16 Development UI with Adjustable Arms-CASSINI
RI8601ASource, 71-86GHz Mixer (IF required), WR12-CASSINI
RI8602ARF Measure, 71-86GHz Mixer (IF required), WR12-CASSINI
RI8603APower Amplifier TIM, Generic-CASSINI
RI8604ATestset - 2 Port, 1 Path, 71-86 GHz RR-12 TIM-CASSINI
RI8606AInfrastructure - Cassini SPYDER, 16 TIM Slots-CASSINI
RI8607ATestset - 2 Port, 4-50GHz-CASSINI,SPYDER
RIK0001ARF Cable Kit (12" SSISM to MCX 90, 6 Cables)$8600Fixture CablesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0001BRF Cable Kit (12" SSIS(M) to MCX 90, 6 cables) -> use 80B$8600Fixture Cables1-2 weeks
RIK0002AWF Cable, Flex, DIN(f)-90° MCX(m), 12" (qty 5)$4700Fixture CablesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0003AFixture Bottom Assy for GEN I and GEN II$1,7200FixturesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0004ATest Fixture Bottom Assembly$2,3600Fixture Bottom PlatesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0004BTest Fixture Bottom Assembly$2,5800Fixture Bottom PlatesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0005ARF Cable, Conform, 90° MCX(f)-90° MCX(f), 7" (qty 5)$3900Fixture CablesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0006ASwitch 2.5 GHz Dual SPDT (2 ea)$9400Fixture ModulesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0006B2.5 GHz RF Switch Modules Dual SPDT (2 ea)$1,0600Fixture ModulesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0007ADC Jumper Wires, 28AWG, 4"+8" (qty 20+20)$8300Fixture Cables12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0007BDC Jumper Wires, 28AWG 4"+8"+12" (qty 20 ea)$64011Fixture Cables
RIK0008AAdapter, SMA(f)-MCX(f) (qty 5)$4700Fixture Cables12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0009AAdapter, SMA(f)-SSIS(m) (qty 5)$1,0506Fixture Cables
RIK0010AFixture Top Plate, old$00FixturesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0011AUniversal Fixture Top Plate$00Fixture AccessoriesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0011BUniversal Test Fixture - RI7100$11,2500FixturesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0011CUniversal Test Top Plate$00Fixture Accessories12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0012ATest Fixture Top Plate Assembly 12RF$2,8400FixturesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0012B12 RF Fixture Top Plate$3,4600Fixture Top Plates
RIK0013APassive Carrier Assembly, RI7100A$6000Fixture Accessories12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0013BCarrier, Passive w/o harness, RI7100A, 12 RF Top$6000Fixture Carriers12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0014AActive Carrier Assembly Kit (1 Carrier)$1,2800Fixture Accessories12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0014BCarrier, Active (4VB), RI7100A, 12 RF Top$4,3400Fixture Carriers12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0015ADifferential I/O Module Kit (1 Module)$8505Fixture ModulesImproved Functionality, DC Offset, High Bandwidth
RIK0016ARI7100A On-site Service Parts Kit$10,0900Replacement Parts12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0017AHigh Speed Serial Digital Module Kit (1 Module)$3,1603Fixture ModulesRI8535A Replaced by Cassini TIM (no longer available for RI7100A)
RIK0018ATest Fixture Engineering Plate - RI7100 $1,7100Fixture AccessoriesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0018BFixture, RI7100A Engineering$2,3562Fixture Bottom Plates
RIK0019ARI7100A System Controller w/ Monitor, OS and Lic.$11,1900Replacement Parts
RIK0019BRI7100A System Controller + OS Lic.$8,5730Replacement Parts
RIK0020AFixture Ramps (Contoured), 1 pair$7800Fixture Accessories
RIK0021AFixture Ramps (Gen I cam assembly), 1 pair $17015Fixture AccessoriesRIK0020A Old generation docking, no longer supported.
RIK0022ARI7100A Cal Kit **Obsolete**$10,1700Calibration Tools12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0023ARI7100A Calibration Kit$25,1200Calibration Tools12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0024ARI7100A CAM Assembly (1 Assembly)$5,4600Replacement Parts12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0025ADaymarc 717 Docking Hardware$21,4200Docking HardwareLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0026B6 GHz RF Switch Modules Dual SPDT (2 ea)$1,0601Fixture ModulesRIK0058B Improved Functionality
RIK0027ARF Cable Kit (SSIS to SMA, 7", 5 Cables)$7900Fixture CablesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0028ACalibration DUT Boards, 12 Port RI7100A Fixture$4,7205Calibration Tools
RIK0029AFixture, Dual Site 12 RF$7,9800FixturesContact Factory
RIK0029BFixture, Dual Site 12 RF$8,2100FixturesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0030ACarrier board Pogo alignment tool - RI7100A$1100Fixture AccessoriesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0031ACalibration Boards, Multi-site Fixture$1,6100Calibration ToolsContact Factory
RIK0032ARI7100A Diagnostic kit$5,3600Calibration Tools12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0033ARF Cable Kit (11" SSIS(M) to SMA, 5 Cables)$8400Fixture CablesContact Factory
RIK0033BRF Cable Kit (11" SSISM-SMAM, 5 Cables)$8400Fixture CablesContact Factory
RIK0034ARF Application Kit (LNA, Mixer, IQ Mod & Demod)$3,5600Applications12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0035AFixture Top Plate, 12 RFs (DELTA)$3,2600Fixture AccessoriesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0036ARI Signal Generator, 20 GHz$46,9400Replacement Parts12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0037AAdvanced Training per Person$3,190-Training CoursesNo RIK Contact [email protected] to request training
RIK0038ACassini Diagnostic Training Class per Person$3,190-Training CoursesNo RIK Contact [email protected] to request training
RIK0039AHigh Voltage Buffer Module (1 Module)$8500Fixture ModulesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0039BHigh Voltage Buffer Module (1 Module)$1,2900Fixture Modules12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0040ATest System Training Class (6 students)$45,020-Training Courses
RIK0040BCassini Online Basic Training$1,250-Training Courses
RIK0041ARepair Support via Phone/Email/Web, 1 yr (PSR)$8,570-System Support OptionsW Included with standard <a href="https://roos.com/supportPlans.html">Cassini Support Package</a>
RIK0041BRI7100A Technical and Repair Support, 1 yr (TRS)$15,380-System Support Options
RIK0042ARI7100A Standard Support Package, 1 yr (PTS,ME,SU)$26,520-System Support OptionsPTS No Longer offering Software Updates to RI7100A,ME No Longer offering Software Updates to RI7100A
RIK0042BPTS moved to RIK0062A$7,650-System Support OptionsRIK0062A New Support Packages Available
RIK0042CMTS moved to RIK0060A$10,200-System Support OptionsLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0043ACassini Calibration & Preventive Maintenance (USA)$5,460-Services
RIK0043BPreventive Maintenance & Cal, 1 visit (PMC)$8,900-System Support Options
RIK0044AFast Ship Module Exchange, 1 year (ME)$10,200-System Support OptionsNo Repla See "TIM Loaner" programs
RIK0045ARI7100A Factory Replacement Parts, 1 yr (FRP)$20,660-Services
RIK0046ARI7100A Hardware Repair Labor, 1 Event$2,940-ServicesRIK0047A Support Contract Required.
RIK0047AOn Site Repair Maintenance, 1 Year (OSM)$11,026-Services
RIK0048ASystem Evaluation, 1 Visit$11,000-Services
RIK0049ADelay Line Discriminator Module$3,2600Fixture ModulesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0050ASoftware Subscription, 1 Year (SU)$10,460-System Support Options
RIK0051ARF Cable, Conform, SMA(m)-SMA(m), 11" (qty 5)$3100Fixture CablesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0052ARF Cable Kit (3.4" SSIS(M) to SMA(F) 6 cables)$8600Fixture CablesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0053AFixture Cbits Controller (2 Modules)$1,0600Fixture ModulesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0053BFixture Cbits Controller (1 Module)$5501Fixture ModulesRIK0290B Improved Functionality
RIK0054ADivider 3 GHz/ SPDT switch module(1 Module)$1,0600Fixture Accessories1-2 weeks
RIK0054BDivider 3 GHz/ SPDT Switch (1 Module)$1,8905Fixture ModulesDiscontinued, no replacements planned.
RIK0055ASPDT High Pass Filter (1 Module)$1,0601Fixture ModulesImproved Functionality
RIK0056ASwitch 6 GHz Dual SP4T (1 Module)$1,0600Fixture Accessories1-2 weeks
RIK0056BSwitch 6 GHz Dual SP4T (1 Module)$7300Fixture Modules12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0057APogo Pin Spares for RI7100A Test Head$79013Replacement Parts
RIK0058ASwitch 6 GHz Dual SPDT (2 Modules)$1,1800Fixture ModulesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0058BSwitch 6 GHz Dual SPDT (1 Module)$5903Fixture ModulesRIK0220A Higher TOIP, RIFL Controlled (Faster)
RIK0059A2.5 GHz Fixture Step Attenuator / LNA$6700Fixture ModulesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0060AMaintenance Technical Support, 1 Year (MTS)$10,200-System Support OptionsExtended Included with standard <a href="https://roos.com/supportPlans.html">Cassini Support Package</a>
RIK0061ARI7100A Universal Softdock Fixture$11,6770Fixtures12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0062AProduction Technical Support, 1 Year (PTS)$7,650-System Support OptionsW Included with standard <a href="https://roos.com/supportPlans.html">Cassini Support Package</a>
RIK0063AEngineering Tech. Support Upgrade, 50 Hrs (ETS)$2,550-ServicesE Optional <a href="https://roos.com/supportPlans.html">Cassini Support Package</a>
RIK0063BEngineering Technical Support, 50 hrs (ETS)$11,510-System Support Options
RIK0064AInternational Support Upgrade, 1 Year$3,060-System Support OptionsSupport
RIK0065AStandard Single Site DUT Board Design$11,2501,000Fixture AccessoriesNo longer offering DIB Design services
RIK0066ADut Boards, custom loading$6,1901,000Fixture AccessoriesNo Repla DUT board assembly no longer offered
RIK0067ADut Boards, unpopulated (fab)$2,8101,000Fixture Accessories
RIK0068AFixture Docking Ears - Standard (1 pair)$1,6102Fixture Docking
RIK0069ARI Small Handler Dock (Single Site)$7,3200Fixture DockingContact Factory
RIK0070AHandler Docking Plate$8,9000Fixture Docking
RIK0071AFixture POGO Kit$1500Fixture Repair
RIK0072ARF Cable, Flex, 90° MCX(f)-SMA(m), 5" (qty 6)$6003Fixture CablesRIK0072A New Vendor, equivalent cables
RIK0072BRF Cable, Flex, 90° MCX(f)-SMA(m), 5" (qty 6)$3706Fixture Cables
RIK0073ARF Cable, Conform, 90° MCX(f)-90° MCX(f), 3" (qty 3)$28019Fixture Cables
RIK0074AFixture, 20 RF (use 74B)$8,6700FixturesContact Factory
RIK0074BFixture, 20RF$8,9900FixturesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0074CFixture, 20RF$8,9900FixturesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0075AFixture, Bench-Top Single Site$3,7100Fixture Top PlatesContact Factory
RIK0076AFixture Fixed Price Repair$2,0800Fixture RepairContact Factory
RIK0076AFixture Fixed Price Repair$2,0800FixturesContact Factory
RIK0077AHigh BW Diff. I/O Buffer Module$8500Fixture ModulesContact Factory
RIK0077BDual Fixture Diff Amp, HS, w/o Comm Mode Cont.$8500Fixture Modules1-2 weeks
RIK0078ADual Monitor System Controller$12,9000Replacement PartsContact Factory
RIK0079ADual Boot Laptop$11,1900Replacement Parts12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0080ARF Cable Kit (15" SSISM to MCX, 6 Cables)$8900Fixture CablesContact Factory
RIK0080BRF Cable Kit (15" SSISM to MCX 90°, 6 Cables)$8900Fixture Cables1-2 weeks
RIK0081AFixture, Bench-Top 20RF, Active Carrier$5,8900FixturesContact Factory
RIK0082A18 GHz Calibration Kit Cal Service$4,610-Services
RIK0083APogo Alignment Tool, 20RF$1500Fixture RepairLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0084ACarrier, Active (65A), 20 RF Top Plate$1,5901Fixture CarriersRIK0200A RIFL Carrier control modules at full speed and can support up to 13 Modules.
RIK0085A20 RF Test Fixture Top Plate (Replacement)$4,5100Replacement Parts12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0086ADelta M1688 Allignment Pins$9031Fixture DockingNo Repla Alignment Pins suitable for any hanlder, prefer using fixed docking screws instead.
RIK0087AAdvanced High BW Diff. I/O Buffer Module$2,1648Fixture Modules
RIK0088AFixture MUX, 1x32, 2x16 (1 Module)$9403Fixture ModulesRIK0294A Improved Functionality
RIK0089A1x8 Terminated Switch Module (1 Module)$1,1900Fixture ModulesContact Factory
RIK0090AFixture, Pedestal Support 20RF (Seico Epson)$2,0481Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0091AFixture, Pedestal Support 30RF$1,5600Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0091BFixture, Pedestal Support 30RF$2,5200Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0091BFixture, Pedestal Support 30RF$2,5200Fixture Pedestal Support & ClampsLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0091CFixture, Pedestal Support 30RF with Pogo Tool$1,1700Fixture Pedestal Support & ClampsLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0092AFixture Step Attenuator, 0-36db, 4 Step$2,1909Fixture Modules
RIK0093AFixture Small 12 Coax DUT Clamps, Single Site$7301Fixture Pedestal Support & ClampsRIK0260B Improved Functionality
RIK0094AFixture Large 30 Coax DUT Clamps, Dual Site$8308Fixture Pedestal Support & ClampsRIK0163A Improved Functionality
RIK0095AAC Switch Matrix 8x24$1,4700Fixture ModulesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0095BAC Switch Matrix 8x24$1,8005Fixture ModulesRIK0294A Improved Functionality
RIK0096AFixture, Cassini 8-Port, 20/30RF$11,0900FixturesContact Factory
RIK0097ACassini Infrastructure Spare Parts (LG & SM)$22,6300Replacement Parts12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0098A8 TIM Cassini Calibration Kit$23,6400Calibration ToolsContact Factory
RIK0099ADC Block Pin Repair Kit$8221Fixture Repair
RIK0100ARF Cable Kit (12" #12F-MCXM, 6 cables)$9100Fixture CablesContact Factory
RIK0100BRF Cable, Flex, PKZ#12(f)-MCX(m), 12" (qty 6)$9100Fixture CablesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0101ARF Cable Kit (18" #12F-MCXM, 6 cables)$2,0200Fixture CablesContact Factory
RIK0101BRF Cable Kit (18" #12F-MCXM, 6 cables)$7600Fixture CablesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0102ARF Cable, Semi-Rigid, PKZ#12(f)-PKZ#12(f), 4" (qty 2)$3708Fixture CablesCassini1 Cassin 8 limited availaility.
RIK0103AUse RIK0168A - Cassini RF Block Assembly 8RF$5100Fixture BlocksContact Factory
RIK0103BUse RIK0168A - Cassini RF Block Assembly 16RF$5100Fixture BlocksLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0103CUse RIK0168A - Cassini RF Block Assembly 16RF$5100Fixture Blocks12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0104AFixture, Cassini 8 Port Engineering$13,2800FixturesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0105AHigh Pass Filter (1 Module)$1,6900Fixture Modules12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0106AFactory Module Calibration (FMC) - Quick Cal$1,265-System Support Options
RIK0107ARI7100A Basic Support Package (SU, ME, FRP)$26,520-System Support OptionsME No Longer offering Software Updates to RI7100A,FRP No Longer offering Software Updates to RI7100A
RIK0108ARI7100A Silver Support Package (SU, ME, FRP, TRS)$34,270-System Support OptionsME No Longer offering Software Updates to RI7100A,FRP No Longer offering Software Updates to RI7100A,TRS No Longer offering Software Updates to RI7100A
RIK0109ARI7100A Gold Support (SU, ME, FRP, TRS, ETS)$43,760-System Support OptionsME No Longer offering Software Updates or Engineering Support for RI7100A,FRP No Longer offering Software Updates or Engineering Support for RI7100A,TRS No Longer offering Software Updates or Engineering Support for RI7100A
RIK0110AFixture Evaluation and Repair Service$12,160-Services
RIK0111ALoad (DUT) Board Evaulation and Repair$1,8700Fixture RepairLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0112ABar Code Scanner, USB$2330Replacement Parts
RIK0113AWF Cable, Flex, DIN(f)-90° MCX (m), 15" (qty 5)$1,1708Fixture Cables
RIK0114AFixture Top Plate, Dual Insert with Dut Clamps$4,2800Fixture Top PlatesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0115AMatrix Fixture Insert, single pogo insert, 12 pin$1300Fixture Inserts12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0116AMatrix Fixture Insert, DC, Rail dual, 2x12 pin$2300Fixture Inserts12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0117ARF Insert, 10 GHz, Single SMA$2308Fixture Inserts
RIK0118ARF Insert, 12 GHz, Center Rail, 1 Tab, Dual SMA$40024Fixture Inserts
RIK0119AMatrix Fixture, Dual DUT Clamp & Support Kit$1,6705Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0120AMatrix Fixture, Top Plate Assy w/ Carrier & Sides$1,6900Fixture Top PlatesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0120BMatrix Fixture, Top Plate$7500Fixture Top PlatesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0121AMatrix Fixture, RI7100 Bottom Plate Assembly$3,7500Fixture Bottom PlatesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0122AUse 145A - Matrix Fixture, Small Cassini Bottom Plate$3,0900Fixture Bottom PlatesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0123AMatrix Fixture, Single DUT Clamp & Support Kit$1,4400Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0124APower Cord, NEMA 5-20, USA, Taiwan $601Replacement Parts
RIK0124BPower Cord, NEMA L6-20$90-1Replacement Parts
RIK0124CPower Cord, NEMA BS546, CHINA$1100Replacement Parts12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0124DPower Cord, NEMA CEE7-7, EUROPE$800Replacement Parts12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0124EPower Cord, NEMA SI32, ISRAEL$1500Replacement Parts12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0124FPower Cord, C19 - Free, Stripped End (No Plug)$60-1Replacement Parts
RIK0124GPower Cord, 3-Pin IP44$1000Replacement Parts
RIK0125ACassini Installation & Calibration$8,752-Services
RIK0126ACassini Virtual Workstation & OS License$1,380999Replacement Parts
RIK0126BRI7100A Virtual Workstation & OS License$1,768-Replacement Parts
RIK0127AHigh Speed Digital Scan Module Kit$5,3300Fixture Modules12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0128ADC Jumper Wires, 28AWG, 12"+18" (qty 30&30)$6700Fixture Cables
RIK0129AFixture DUT Clamp Kit, 20RF Fixture Seiko Epson$7202Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0130ACassini 8-Slot Interface Kit$4,9601Calibration ToolsRIK0151B No systems with 8 Testhead slots are in service
RIK0131ACassini RF (BVD) - Dual SMA, 48"$8904Replacement Parts
RIK0132ACoax Driver Buffer Module$1,5000Fixture Modules12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0133AMatrix Fixture, 16 TIM Bottom Plate Assy. Kit$3,2500Fixture Bottom PlatesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0134AMatrix Fixture, Top Plate Assembly Quad Site (w/Sides)$3,6400Fixture Top PlatesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0134BFixture Top Plate, Matrix Quad Site$1,2400Fixture Top PlatesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0135ADC Insert, 16 pin$1901Fixture InsertsRIK0135B Added Shroud to prevent shorts
RIK0135BDC Insert, 16 pin, with Shroud$1900Fixture Inserts12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0135CDC Insert, 16 pin, Shroud, 0.02 in Taller$35076Fixture Inserts
RIK0136AMatrix Fixture Insert, Rail Dual DC Pogo, 2x16pin$3000Fixture InsertsLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0137ADigital Insert, 20 pin, Coax Ribbon$6708Fixture Inserts
RIK0138ARF Insert, 6 GHz, Dual MCX$90032Fixture Inserts
RIK0141ABlock, Digital TIM, 80 Pins with Cables$2,2900Fixture Blocks
RIK0142ABlock, Digital TIM, 120 Pins with Cables$2,4400Fixture Blocks12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0143AUse RIK0168A - RF Block Assembly 16RF (Fixed)$3500Fixture BlocksLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0143BUse RI0K168A - RF Block Assem 16RF, Fixed Cabling - Cassini$3900Fixture BlocksLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0144ABlock, Device Power TIM, DC Pins (2x5 x7)$8772Fixture Blocks
RIK0145AMatrix Fixture, Cassini 8 TIM Bottom Plate Assembly$3,0900Fixture Bottom PlatesContact Factory
RIK0146ABlock, Digital TIM, 40 Pins with Cables$1,1808Fixture Blocks
RIK0147ADigital 40 Pogo Pins (1 Module)$5209Fixture Modules
RIK0148ADigital Coax Cables, 1x2 , (qty 5)$2104Fixture Cables
RIK0149ACalibration Standards Kit, Cassini 18 GHz$30,5100Calibration Tools
RIK0150ACalibration Standards Kit, Cassini 20/40 GHz$40,0900Calibration Tools
RIK0151ACassini 16-Slot Interface Kit$3,6900Calibration Tools12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0151BCassini 16-Slot Diag/Cal Interface Kit$6,2900Calibration Tools12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0152AFixture Top Plate, Matrix Quad, Intest Compatible$1,5000Fixture Top PlatesContact Factory
RIK0152BMatrix Fixture, Quad Top Plate, Pedestal Support & Clamp$1,5000Fixture Top Plates,Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0153AMatrix Top Plate Assembly Cassini 16 (w/ sides & carrier) - EXPIRED$1,9700Fixture Top PlatesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0153BMatrix Fixture, Side Plates, Cassini 16 Slot$9406Fixture Sides
RIK0154ARF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-90° MMPX(m) ,16" (qty 5)$6400Fixture Cables12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0155ARF Cable Kit (14" #12F-MMPX, Flex, Rt Angle 2 Cables)$4300Fixture CablesContact Factory
RIK0155BRF Cable Kit (16" #12F-MMPX, Flex, 90° 2 Cables)$2600Fixture CablesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0156ADIB Launch, 40 GHz, MMPX SMT w/ Saddle Clamp$20911Fixture DIB Layer,Fixture Inserts
RIK0157ADC Jumper Wires, 28AWG 18" (40 pieces)$4705Fixture Cables
RIK0158ARF Cable Kit (#12F - #12F 8" Conformable, 6 Pieces)$9000Fixture CablesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0159AMatrix Fixture, Sides 8 Slot / 7100$9080Fixture Sides
RIK0160ACarrier, Active (6KA), 13 Modules, Matrix$7100Fixture Carriers12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0161ABlock, RF Assembly 16RF with 4 Cables - Cassini$5700Fixture Blocks12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0162AUSE 178A++ - Cassini 16-Slot Diagnostic/Interface Plate$3,7300Fixture AccessoriesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0163AMatrix Fixture, Basic Top Plate$9510Fixture Top Plates
RIK0164AFixture Side Plates, Cassini 16 Matrix, Large Quad$8201Fixture Sides
RIK0165AFixture Docking Ears - Intest Interface (1 pair)$1,7500Fixture Docking
RIK0166ABlock, FIX Pwr, Cbits and Serial Number (2 rows)$2400Fixture Blocks12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0166BBlock, FIX Pwr, Cbits and S/N pins (2 rows, No RIFL)$42010Fixture Blocks
RIK0167ABlock, 40GHz RF TIM, Cal/Diag$9900Calibration Tools,Fixture Blocks12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0167BBlock, 40 GHz RF TIM, Cal/Diag$9907Fixture Blocks
RIK0168ABlock, RF Block, 16 PKZ$28034Fixture Blocks
RIK0169ARF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-PKZ#12(f), 8"$1500Fixture CablesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0169BRF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-PKZ#12(f), 8"$21043Fixture Cables
RIK0170ARF Cable (Coax,Confrm,#12F special-SMAM,8") QTY 1$210-2Fixture CablesContact Factory
RIK0171ARF Cable, Conform, 2.9K(m)-90° MMPX(m), 14"$2701Fixture Cables
RIK0172ARF Cable, Semi-Rigid, PKZ#12(f)-K(m), 12"$29040Fixture Cables
RIK0173AFoot Stop AUX rack$1550Replacement Parts
RIK0174AFixture SN Chip with Harness (2ea.)$700Fixture Accessories12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0175ACarrier, RIFL (B7A), 5 Modules + FIX Block$1,4101Fixture CarriersRIK0175B Longer Carrier harness, extended from 12" to 18"
RIK0175BCarrier, RIFL (B7A), 5 Modules + FIX 16" Block$1,5961Fixture Carriers
RIK0176AFixture Bottom Plate, RI7100, Basic Assembly$1,9300Fixture Bottom Plates12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0177AFixture Bottom Plate, Cassini 8 slot, Basic Assembly $7502Fixture Bottom PlatesRIK0178A Cassini 8 Limited Availablility, not compatible with Spyder
RIK0178AFixture Bottom Plate, Cassini 16 slot, Basic Assembly $8100Fixture Bottom Plates12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0178BFixture Bottom Plate, Cassini 16 slot, Basic Assembly $1,0369Fixture Bottom Plates
RIK0179ARF Cable, Conform, .086, Special PKZ#12(f)-SMA(m), 8"$4401Fixture Cables
RIK0180ARF Cable, Flex, PKZ#12(f)-MCX(m), 18"$1100Fixture Cables12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0181ARF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-90° MMPX(m), 16"$23022Fixture Cables
RIK0182AFixture Side Covers ( Panels / Plates ) for 12 RF size Top plate$3100Fixture SidesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0182BFixture Side Covers ( Panels / Plates ) for 12 RF size Top plate$5200Fixture Sides12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0183ARF Cable, Flex, SSIS(m)-90° MCX(m), 15"$18017Fixture Cables
RIK0184ARF Cable, Flex, MCX(m)-DIN(f), 15"$23410Fixture Cables
RIK0185AAdapter, MCX(m)-SMA(f)$6022Fixture Cables
RIK0186ARI7100A, Fixture VI Harness, 16"$1400Fixture Blocks12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0187AFixture Power & Control Cassini 12"$3800Fixture BlocksLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0187BBlock, Carrier Passive Carrier 18"$1,0400Fixture Blocks
RIK0188AFixture Harness 40 cond 18" 2ea. for RI7100A$500Fixture Cables12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0189AAC Coax Cables, 1x3 Shielded, Twisted Pair, 16" (qty 2)$3002Fixture Cables
RIK0190ADC Jumper Wires, 28AWG, 4" (qty 10)$1604Fixture Cables
RIK0191ADC Jumper Wires, 28AWG, 8" (qty 10) $1604Fixture Cables
RIK0192ADC Jumper Wires, 28AWG, 12" (qty 10) $1600Fixture Cables
RIK0193ARF Cable, Flex, MCX(f)-MCX(f), 7"$14010Fixture Cables
RIK0194ARF Cable, Flex, 90° MCX(f)-90° MCX(f), 7"$12023Fixture Cables
RIK0195ARF Cable, Flex, SMA(m)- MCX(f), 7"$9035Fixture Cables
RIK0196ARF Cable, Conform, PKZ #12(f)-SMA(m), 18"$2805Fixture Cables
RIK0197ARF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-.085 SMA(m), 11"$1706Fixture Cables
RIK0198ABlock, Waveguide mmWave Mount$4900Fixture Blocks12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0198BBlock, Waveguide mmWave W12, 8 PKZ$1,1504Fixture Blocks
RIK0199AFixture SN Chip (ESN) with 4-wire Harness (2 ea)$2600Fixture Cables12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0199BSN Chip Wire Length Adjustable 4 Wire $806Fixture AccessoriesRIK0300A Compatible part, QTY 1
RIK0200ACarrier, RIFL (6KB), 13 Modules, Matrix$1,0204Fixture Carriers
RIK0201ABlock, FIX to RIFL Carrier, 13 Modules$3300Fixture Blocks12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0201BBlock, FIX to RIFL Carrier, 16"$4309Fixture Blocks
RIK0202ABlock, FIX 65A Carrier & Device Power TIM$6005Fixture Blocks
RIK0203ADual SP4T RF Switch DC - 20GHz (Single Module)$2,0000Fixture ModulesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0203BDual SP4T RF Switch DC - 20GHz (Single Module)$2,5603Fixture Modules
RIK0204AThread-locking fluid, Fixture Assembly (1 tube)$109Fixture Accessories
RIK0205ATIM Replacement Handle$3800Replacement Parts
RIK0206ARF Cable, Flex, MCX(m)-90° MCX(m), 13"$9013Fixture Cables
RIK0208ARF Cable, Conform, .086, SSMP(f)-SMA(m), 7"$40021Fixture Cables
RIK0209ARF Cable, Conform, .086, 90° SSMP(GPPO)(f)-SMA(m), 9"$34022Fixture Cables
RIK0210ARF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-SMA(m), 8"$9010Fixture Cables
RIK0211ABlock, RF SMA Bulkhead for AUX ports$6006Fixture Blocks
RIK0212ARF Insert, 15 GHz, 3 tab, SMA, QuickLock$18040Fixture Inserts
RIK0213AQuickLock, DUT Clamp, Seiko/Epson$7100Fixture Pedestal Support & ClampsLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0213BQuickLock, DUT Clamp, Seiko/Epson, 8 screw$7300Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0213CQuickLock, DUT Clamp, Seiko/Epson$1,0400Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0214AQuickLock Top Plate, Matrix Fixture$6800Fixture Top PlatesLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0214BMatrix Fixture, QuickLock Top Plate$6906Fixture Top Plates
RIK0215AQuickLock, Pedestal Support$55014Fixture Pedestal Support & ClampsRIK0239A Seiko Epson and Pin Aligned compatible handlers
RIK0216ADIB Insert, 20 GHz SSMP DIB Launch (Side A)$1403Fixture Inserts
RIK0217AMatrix Fixture Insert, 20 GHz SSMP Fixture (Side B)$6500Fixture Inserts12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0217BMatrix Fixture Insert, 20 GHz SSMP Fixture (Side B)$6807Fixture InsertsRIK0217C Improved Functionality
RIK0217CMatrix Fixture Insert, 20 GHz SSMP Fixture (Side B)$68017Fixture Inserts
RIK0218A6 GHz High TOIP SP4T Dual Switch (1 Module)$1,1600Fixture Modules
RIK0220ADual SPDT High TOIP 6GHz Switch (1 Module)$70012Fixture Modules
RIK0222ASoft Dock Resource Plate, Serial Number (x4)$901Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0223ASoft Dock Resource Plate, DC Pogo Board$2204Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0224ASoft Dock Resource Plate, DVB/High Power$404Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0225ASoft Dock Resource Plate, SMA x 8$403Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0226ASoft Dock Resource Plate, BNC x2$405Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0227ASoft Dock Resource Plate, Double Blank$207Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0228ASoft Dock Resource Plate, Single Blank$2014Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0229ASoft Dock Resource Plate, D-Sub 50 pin$505Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0230ARF Cable, Conform, 2.9K(m)-90° MMPX(m), 16"$24012Fixture Cables
RIK0231ARF Cable, Conform, 90° SSMP(f)-90° SSMP(f), 5"$22010Fixture Cables
RIK0232AAdapter, FR Softdock, SMA(f)-(f) Bulkhead$4023Fixture Cables
RIK0233AMatrix Fixture, Side Plate, Bench-top$9080Fixture Sides
RIK0234AMatrix Fixture, Benchtop Side Resource Mounting Plate$300Fixture Sides
RIK0235AMatrix Fixture, Benchtop Rear Resource Mounting Plate$600Fixture Sides
RIK0236ACarrier Extra, RIFL (B7A), 5 Modules + Cable$1,0500Fixture Carriers
RIK0237ARF Cable, Semi-Rigid, PKZ#12(f)-K(m), 2"$2702Fixture CablesRIK0237B Semi-Rigit too hard to bend, switched to conformable
RIK0237BRF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-K(m), 2"$3108Fixture Cables
RIK0238ARF Cable, Flex, 90° MCX(m)-90° MCX(m), 12"$10012Fixture Cables
RIK0239AQuickLock, Pedestal Support, Pin Aligned$6701Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0240AQuickLock, DUT Clamp, Rasco Quad$1,1004Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0241AQuickLock, Pedestal Support, Rasco Quad$5900Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0242ACassini 16 Test Head Single Counter-weight$4700Fixture Accessories
RIK0243ARF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-PKZ#12(f), 16"$2205Fixture Cables
RIK0244ACassini 16 Test Head Double Counter-weight$9200Fixture Accessories
RIK0245A40GHz Calibration Kit Cal Service$5,080-Services
RIK0246ARF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-MCX(m), 12"$140100Fixture Cables
RIK0247ARF Cable, Flex, SSIS(m)-SMA(m), 11"$22030Fixture Cables
RIK0248ARF Cable, Conform, SSIS(m)-SMA(f), 3.4"$17016Fixture Cables
RIK0249ABlock, Diag/Cal, Device Power TIM$5606Calibration Tools,Fixture Blocks
RIK0250AHi IP3 SP4T Pin Switch 20 GHz, Absorptive$2,9604Fixture Modules
RIK0251ABottom Plate Mount, 20 GHz Pin Switch or Attenuator$3002Fixture Modules
RIK0252ACarrier Mount, 20 GHz Pin Switch or Attenuator $501Fixture Modules
RIK0253AHi IP3 SP4T Pin Switch 20 GHz, Reflective$2,7704Fixture Modules
RIK0254AAttenuator, Fixture 20 GHz 31dB in 1dB steps$3,3402Fixture Modules
RIK0255ADriver Board for Fixture Switches & Attenuators$2357Fixture Modules
RIK0256ADriver Board, Ribbon Cable, 20" (Qty 1)$310Fixture Modules
RIK0257AMMPX Connector Extraction Tool$7100Fixture Accessories
RIK0258ARF Cable, Flex, PKZ #12(f)-SMA(m), 12"$15043Fixture Cables
RIK0259AQuickLock, DUT Clamp, Seiko/Epson, 8 screw$7101Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0260AQuickLock, Dual DUT Support, Seiko/Epson, 4 screw$7100Fixture Pedestal Support & ClampsLimited Availability: 12+ weeks
RIK0260BQuickLock, Dual DUT Support, Seiko/Epson$7300Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0261AQuickLock, Center Bar Support 80mm Pitch$2700Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0262AQuickLock, 2 piece 2 Site DUT Clamp, Seiko/Epson$2700Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0263AGPIB Handler POD (RI8552B) + 15' RIFL Cable$3,1201Fixture Control PODs
RIK0264AGPIB Instrument POD (RI8502B) + 15' RIFL Cable$3,0701Fixture Control PODs
RIK0265AGPIB Prober POD (RI8579B) + 15' RIFL Cable$3,2700Fixture Control PODs
RIK0266ASerial Handler POD (RI8516B) + 15' RIFL Cable$3,0800Fixture Control PODs
RIK0267AParallel Handler POD + 15' RIFL Cable$3,1800Fixture Control PODs12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0267BParallel Handler POD (RI8517B) + 15' RIFL Cable$3,1800Fixture Control PODs
RIK0268ASoft Dock Center Rail$2200Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0269ASoft Dock Resource Plate, Small Corner Filler$209Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0270ASoft Dock Resource Plate, Large Corner Filler$209Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0271ASoft Dock Resource Plate, N-Type Connector$4017Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0272AAdapter, SMA(f)-N(f)$3505Fixture Cables
RIK0273ARF Insert, 20 GHz SSMP Calibrate (Side A)$6109Calibration Tools
RIK0274ASoft Dock Resource Plate, DSub 15 pin$4015Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0275ASoft Dock Resource Plate, DSub 25 pin$405Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0276AKeyboard Tray, Aux Rack$4600Replacement Parts
RIK0277AMatrix Fixture, Quad Top Plate (Alpha+Numeric)$1,0200Fixture Top Plates
RIK0278AMatrix Fixture, Quad Pedestal Support$1500Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0279AMatrix Fixture, Quad DIB Clamp$6800Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0280ARF Cable, Flex, SMA(m)- MCX(m), 14"$13018Fixture Cables
RIK0283AAdapter, WR-12 WG to RR-12 Launch$7900Fixture Cables12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0283BAdapter, WR-12 WG to RR-12 Launch$7900Fixture Cables12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0284ARF Cable, Conform, SMA(m)-SMA(m), 11"$7023Fixture Cables
RIK0285AMatrix Fixture, Quad Top Plate (Numeric)$1,0000Fixture Top Plates
RIK0286ABlock, Diag/Cal, FET Pulser Bulk Power TIM$1,1400Calibration Tools,Fixture Blocks
RIK0287ABlock, FET Pulser Bulk Power TIM$7300Fixture Blocks
RIK0289APod Module, 2 Dual SP4T RF Switches$1,5100Fixture Modules
RIK0290AC-Bits Fixture Pod$4800Fixture Modules12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0290BC-Bits Fixture Pod$4800Fixture Modules
RIK0293ABlock, 80GHz Dual RR-12 E Band$1,0900Fixture Blocks12+ weeks (limited)
RIK0293BBlock, 80 GHz Dual RR-12 E Band$1,5502Fixture Blocks
RIK0297ACalibration Std Kit Add-On, E-Band WR-12$43,7070Calibration Tools
RIK0298ARF Cable, Flex, PKZ #12(f)-MCX(m), 20"$11018Fixture Cables
RIK0300ASN Chip Wire Length Adjustable 4 Wire (1ea.)$58-Fixture Accessories
RIK0301AVirtual Workstation Network Appliance$1,950-Replacement Parts
RIK0302AOpen Fixture, Frame Assembly$8500Fixture Sides
RIK0303ACarrier. Open Fixture Pods Backplane$6750Fixture Carriers
RIK0304AOpen Fixture, Prober Engage Assy$3,8630Fixture Top Plates
RIK0305AOpen Fixture, Quick Lock Top Plate$7700Fixture Top Plates
RIK0306BDC Insert, 16 pin Extended Prober$3570Fixture Inserts
RIK0307ABlock, FIX Power, Pod Carrier, Open Fixture$1,5300Fixture Blocks
RIK0308ADC Insert, 16 pin w/ PCB ribbon, Prober$3600Fixture Inserts
RIK0309ADC Insert, 16 pin w/ PCB ribbon longer, Prober$3700Fixture Inserts
RIK0310AE-Band, WR12 Calibration Kit Cal Service$5,232-Services
RIK0311ACalibration Std Kit Add-On, V-Band WR-15$43,6560Calibration Tools
RIK0312AV-Band, WR15 Calibration Kit Cal Service$5,232-Services
RIK0313ACalibration Std Kit Add-On, 50 GHz$36,7000Calibration Tools
RIK0315AOpen Fixture, Quad Top Plate$1,2650Fixture Top Plates
RIK0320ASSD Replacement for EPC + ELO Touch$900Replacement Parts
RITSRoos Instruments Test Seconds (45 Million)System
S001Travel Labor & Costs for On-site System Installation & Training-CASSINI
SOCKET01Socket, Johnstech Pad series$00Fixture DIB Layer
SR20SandTek Modular Automated Test Equipment (Cassini)2System
SUSoftware Updates - 1 Year-RI7100A
T-LLoaner TIMs, 1 Yr-CASSINI
T-UUpgrade TIMs, 1 Yr-CASSINI
T-XExchange TIMs, 1 Yr-CASSINI
W1MFBJRBCoax SMA M to SMA F 10.5"99Part
W1MFBKGBCoax SMA M to SSIS F 12"14Part
W1MFCJTAMT1550 "Merlin" Pedestal0Part
W1MFCZZAClamp, 20 Coax Pockets Seiko0Part
W1MFEJWBCoax,Confrm,085,#12F special-#12F special 8"32Part
W1MFENBCSupport Insert Single, Matrix10Part
W1MFFALAKeyboard spacer for Cass 16-2Part
W1MFFWTAWR12 2" Straight TrimmedPart
W1MFFYYBRR-12 WG Blind Mate Fixture Extension Block 22Part
W1MFGMZAWaveguide Blind Mate Float Launch Support Bar$6000Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
WARRANTYStandard Warranty Discount, 1 Yr-CASSINI
WIGIG-CASSINI60 GHz WiGig DevicesApplication
WIMFCBWBRI7100A Side Plate (Qty 1)0Part
WIMFGMYAQuad Site, V Band Pedestal Support$1,1860Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
W+SStandard Support Package, 1 Yr (W+S)-CASSINI
Y00006A132 Bit OC Driver3Part
Y00006A216 Bit OC Driver4Part
Y0000AA1V Measure (12 Bit ADC)0Part
Y0000BA1Digital Input4Part
Y0000HA1Decoder with 10 MHz Coax, Exchange Only0Part
Y0000PB1Dual Vcc, 16 bit5Part
Y0001GB4Pin Switch Driver21Part
Y0001IB1Octal Dac for Y00024A1 Hi Current Drv0Part
Y0001JC1VM Measure0Part
Y0001LD1Handler Pod Board0Part
Y0001QA2Relay/Switch Driver0Part
Y0001RB1Vcc Relay Matrix1Part
Y0001SD1Fet Switch Matrix & Cmp, Data Bit Lines0Part
Y0001XD2IF Gain & Filter for Receiver0Part
Y0001YB1GPIB Board0Part
Y00022B3Carrier 12, VI0Part
Y00023C2Parameteric Measure for DB Lines0Part
Y00024D1Power VI 3 Amp0Part
Y00024F1Power VI 3 amp0Part
Y0002EA1Interface Board for Anritsu 68000 Source0Part
Y0002GD1Source Attn Control for SRC120Part
Y00065A1Super Fixture Carrier, Active 4Part
Y00065A3Super Fixture Carrier, Active , with s/n chip0Part
Y00099C1RIFL Testhead Top Board (Front/Rear)42Part
Y000A2B1Cass16 FixturePower + CBITS12Part
Y000BUA1Cassini Noise Source Calibration Adapter4Part
Y000CWA2FET Pulser Diagnostic Block0Part
Y000CWB1FET Pulser RI8589A Cal and Diag BlockPart
Y200013BDual Channel ARB0Part
Y200022DDual Channel Oscope1Part
Y200031BIF Detector for Receiver0Part
Y2000Z2BRIFL Test head HUB Stack10Part

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